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Halloween Houseplants

25 October 2023 | Seasonal Plants

The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner and we can’t wait! Whether you’re planning a terrifying trick or treat tea time, a frightening fancy dress party or a dastardly dinner party, we have a collection of houseplants perfect for taking your Halloween décor to the next level.



So, keep reading to discover our picks of the best plants for Halloween. We think they’re so gorgeously ghoulish you won’t be able to resist including these scary plants in your Halloween decorations this year.

Spooky Houseplants for a Spooky Scene

How are you planning to set up the perfect Halloween scene in your home this year? Perhaps you’ll be going all out spooky with spiderwebs and skeletons in every corner. Or maybe you prefer to play up the autumnal theme with lots of vibrant pumpkins and colourful leaves brightening up your interiors for a stunning autumn display. Either way, there are plenty of houseplant options. From spookily spiky succulents to ominously over-sized plants, that are sure to complement your Halloween décor and give it a frighteningly fabulous edge. Petrifying plants really are the perfect way to celebrate the scary season this year.


Here at The Little Botanical, we just love everything about Halloween! The dress-up, the scares and, of course – creating a spooktacular display. So, this week we’re sharing our top picks of the best plants for Halloween, bringing you plenty of inspiration to take those vampirish vibes to the next level. We’ll show you how easy it is to create a simple but stunning display with a range of our indoor Halloween and autumn houseplants.

Whichever way you choose to style them, our Halloween houseplants will look fabulous in your displays over this holiday period. Your terrifying table-scapes are sure to be effortlessly insta-ready and the great news is that once the trick or treaters have vanished, you’ll be able to enjoy your autumn houseplants for many months to come.

Botanical Halloween Decorations

From haunting houseplants to sinister succulents and terrifying trailers, keep reading for our rundown of the most frightful Halloween houseplants in the TLB range.

First up is the Begonia Maculata. Commonly known as the Polka Dot Begonia, it has stark white spots covering the leaves combined with a reddish tone on the underside of the leaves. It will add a truly terrifying air to your decorations.


If you’re looking for a Halloween centre-piece to cast fear and dread among your guests, then take a look at the Dragon Tree. This oversized houseplant with his dramatic spray of pointy, reddish-green leaves will cut a foreboding figure in your Halloween-scape. It could be enough to make your blood curdle!


For a truly terrifying choice, check out the Venus Flytrap. This chilling specimen literally eats animals alive and the fine hairs edging his ‘trap’ look disturbingly like teeth… he’s not for the faint-hearted!

We think the Sansevieria Snake Plant, with his rough and pointy leaves makes for a striking and ominous look. Use a lamp near this spooky specimen and fling stretching shadows across the room to create a menacing illusion.



Much like their sibling, the Sansevieria Spikey and the Sansevieria Punk have a similarly imposing look. If you just can’t choose between this spookily spiky duo, fear not, you can buy them together in our Air-purifying Sansevieria selection. They might well be the perfect option for Halloween houseplants.



To find out how to best look after the Sansevieria, take a look at our dedicated post on caring for this plant.

We can’t forget to mention the Calathea as one of our perfect haunted houseplants for Halloween. His leaves in various colours of dark pink and deep purple can create the perfect centrepiece this Halloween! It’s also known by another name – the Prayer Plant, making the Calathea just the thing to scare your guests with this spooky holiday. And not forgetting our Monstera Monkey Leaf. With large leaves featuring irregularly shaped holes, doesn’t it look like a creepy creature’s taken a bite out of them? Use it as a spooky centrepiece by surrounding it with smaller plants and pumpkins.



Plants with a spiky nature are a fab choice for a haunting Halloween scene so we’ve got to give a mention to two of our favourite succulents. The Haworthia, with his spiky, rough textured leaves, is a hardy succulent. It will bring a dose of devilish drama to your decorations. And the Aloe Vera, with his upright, rigid leaves of varying heights will add a decidedly witchy feel to your décor.



While traditional houseplants are often the go-to option, it’s sometimes fun to think outside the box. Trailing houseplants offer a completely new dynamic when it comes to indoor greenery. The English Ivy  with his pointy leaves offers plenty of possibilities for positioning and visual effects. Why not place it up high and enjoy the look of those spiny leaves trailing down on you from above? If you’re looking for the finishing touch to your spooky or autumnal setting, the English Ivy is a great choice.



Being literally devil by name, could there be a more apt choice than the devilish Devil’s Ivy? He doesn’t only inspire fear by his name, but also by his looks. Those spiky-edged leaves provide the perfect backdrop for a dark and gloomy witch’s lair. Or perhaps you’d prefer the Devil’s Ivy Marble Queen? This boasts wonderfully variegated leaves that make for a lighter, more colourful option. Our Devil’s Ivy in a marble planter with a stand will provide real character as a standalone piece.


Spiders are undeniably associated with Halloween decorations! So why not carry that creepy crawly theme on into your houseplant choices and include a Spider Plant in your Halloween display. With his long, thin, palm-like foliage, he’s sure to bring an eerie edge to your décor.



With his stripy, dark purple leaves, our Tradescantia Zebrina is one of our favourite trailing plants. This coloured beauty contrasts the traditional greenery of the English and Devil’s Ivy. It looks fabulous with its patterned leaves. For the ultimate trailing Halloween houseplant goals, take a look at our Trailing Plant Bundle. It includes a medium Peperomia RotundifoliaTradescantia Zebrina and a Devil’s Ivy.



Colourful  Crotons – the Perfect Autumn Houseplants

If you haven’t seen our selection of Crotons, be sure to check them out. They’re so bright and colourful and come in an array of yellowsreds and greens. They just look so autumnal and work beautifully with an orange pumpkin and a few golden leaves. In particular, our big Croton brings character and autumnal warmth into every home. The leaves look just like the ones you’d find on a chilly Halloween walk outside.



We also had to add our big Monstera to the Halloween list. The name alone (notice it sounds like ‘monster’) is enough to give anyone chills. But despite its spooky moniker, this botanical’s a bit of a softie at heart. It’ll add a splash of gorgeous greenery to balance out the reds and yellows in your Halloween houseplants display this autumn.



When we’re not outside causing mischief this Halloween (we’re only kidding!), we’re just as happy to enjoy the holiday by staying warm and cosy inside. Carving some pumpkins and decorating your home is the perfect way to celebrate and make the most of this fabulous October holiday.



With a little imagination and experimentation, it’s super easy to create a stunning display with our range of houseplants. The perfect companions to a few pumpkins! Take your living room up a notch to the next level of spookiness.



We’d love to see your spooky houseplants in action this Halloween. Tag us on Insta; @thelittlebotanical so we can enjoy your spooky scenes. And of course, if you have any questions please do get in touch. Simply email us at [email protected].

Happy Halloween plant people, we hope it’s fang-tastic!

With love,

Team TLB xxx



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