Tradescantia in Houseplant Pot


This trailing Tradescantia Zebrina AKA Wandering Jew is planted in our grey houseplant pots and with its stripey leaves it is making us go wild!


A little bit of fabulous.. this stripey purple Tradescantia Zebrina in our classic textured grey pot makes us go wild. We just love the look of two-tone leaves and this little guy trails beautifully too. If you don’t yet have a Tradescantia Zebrina in your jungle, you need this plant in your life! 

Additional information

Suitable for:

Bedroom, Darker corners, Light spaces, Living Space


Easy to look after

Internal Pot Diameter (CM):



Grey pot

Pot Height (CM):


Size/Total Height:




Plant Care

Easy to look after, just make sure I am watered once every 7-10 days and that I’m put in a bright spot in your home.


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Why I’m great

Easy to look after and very cool. My purple stripey leave are oh so fabulous.