Summer Loving Duo

Summer Loving Duo


A pair of summer loving houseplants, stylish and super easy going. This duo is sure to be a fab addition to your indoor jungle, while adding that pop of colour you are looking for.

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A summer loving pair, potted in our limited edition summer ceramics. These guys will be sure to detoxify the air around you, while looking oh-so cute.

This Summer loving duo is a gorgeous pair of easy-care houseplants, potted in our limited edition summer collection ceramics. This bundle includes:

- 1x Zamioculcas in a pink TLB ceramic

- 1x Yucca in a green TLB ceramic.

The Zamio, or ZZ Plant, really offers a perfect solution for any newbie plant owner. With its super hardy leaves and a willingness to be somewhat neglected! A Zamio can last for many weeks with no water and is pretty happy to be placed in a dark room too. This stunning plant is native to Africa and is a real beauty. Offering so many stunning little glossy green leaves on this multi-branched plant, a Zamio really will add some green texture to your living space or office.

The Yucca is an Evergreen shrub that belongs to the Asparagus family. Native to the Americas, the healing properties of this versatile little number are far-reaching and even its roots are particularly good for making soap. We love the majestic structure of this plant as part of a stylish green corner of a room.

These guys really are just the perfect plants for your home office, kitchen or bedroom as they are sure to add them tropical vibes.

We absolutely love these limited edition ceramic pots, be quick, they won't stick around for long!


The Yucca is particularly happy in a bright spot away from direct sunlight. Water once every couple of weeks allowing the soil to become dry to the touch beforehand and don’t let it sit in water. Use a general plant feed once every few months to encourage a good lush colour.

The Zamio is super easy going, just keep out of draughts and away from radiators. Happy in shaded area or a bright spot, just avoid direct bright sunlight as this will scorch the leaves. Water sparingly in winter and more frequently in summer. Water approximately once every 3-4 weeks and never let the plant stand in water. New growth arrives as very pale green  leaves, these will grow to the characteristic dark green in time.

Zamioculcas Care Guide

More commonly known as the ZZ plant, the Zamioculcas has dark green, glossy leaves on tall stems and is the perfect plant for new plant parents.

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Yucca Care Guide

The distinctive Yucca plant is one cool guy. It looks great, detoxifies the air, and loves a bright spot.

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  • Bought as a gift and my friend for her new home. She was really pleased and said plants looked healthy and lovely in their pots.

    Anonymous +6 months ago

    5 / 5