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Yucca Care Guide

Yucca Care Guide

The distinctive Yucca plant is one cool guy. It looks great, detoxifies the air, and loves a bright spot.

Did you know? There are 40–50 species of Yucca, most being recognisable by their tough green, sword-shaped leaves. Some even produce white flowers in the wild.


Sensitive to overwatering – only water your plant once every 2-3 weeks, letting the soil dry out first


Give your plant good light. Yuccas are happiest living in a bright spot


Dust the leaves to let it absorb as much light as possible

Things To Do


Yuccas are highly tolerant to droughts, so they don’t need watering very often at all. Pour an inch of water into the ceramic, checking that at least half of the soil is dry before doing so.

Unlike some plants, Yuccas can tolerate bright sunlight. Position it in a bright, sunny location to replicate its natural conditions. They can endure a little shade but they perform best in a bright spot.  Low light conditions will slow down its growth and the colour of the leaves will become more insipid.

This plant can sometimes bloom between mid-summer to early autumn, which is when it benefits the most from a generic houseplant feed.

Yuccas will grow towards the light so don’t forget to rotate your plant once a week to prevent it from becoming lopsided.

Don’t be alarmed if a few lower leaves look dry. Lower leaves tend to turn yellow/light brown with age and it’s okay to remove these to encourage new growth.

Things Not To Do


Don’t give your Yucca too much attention. We know this might sound strange, but it’s a hardy plant & happy to be neglected. It’s better to underwater your Yucca than overwater it. If you do overwater your plant, it can develop yellow leaves. Always check the soil before watering.

Misting isn’t necessary with this plant, as it is naturally found in the desert regions of South America and the Caribbean. Yuccas enjoy light, dry, arid conditions best.

Droopy leaves suggest your plant needs more sunlight. They like approximately 6 hours of sunlight a day so they may need to be moved to a brighter spot in your home during the winter months.

More about the Yucca Plant

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