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How to Get Started with Houseplants

A Beginner’s Guide

16 August 2023 | Plant Care and Guides

Are you new to houseplants and looking to get growing with your first indoor jungle? Well, you’re in the right place, here at The Little Botanical we have a wide range of easy-care houseplants for you to choose from, the veritable survivors of the indoor plant world, and we’re always on hand to help with any questions or concerns you might have as you get to know your new green beauties. Just get in touch and we’ll happily help you with all the plant care tips you need to keep your indoor jungle looking lush and green.


This week, to help you take that first step towards greening up your home, we’ve collated our picks of the best unkillable houseplants. So, whether you’re brand new to this indoor plant game or you simply need low maintenance houseplants to fit in around your busy lifestyle, this is the guide for you, keep reading to find your perfect, botanical buddy.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for Beginners

From lush and leafy to small and structured and everything in between, low maintenance houseplant options come in all shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy. Keep reading to find your perfect fit.


Plants in the Sansevieria family are characterised by their distinctive good looks and easy-care credentials. None more so than the gorgeous Sanevieria Snakey, also known as a Snake Plant or the rather more colourful Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. This hard-leaved, tropical beauty will grace your home with style for many months to come.


This beauty makes it onto the unkillable houseplants list thanks to his capacity to cope without much water or light; he only needs about 300ml of water every 4 to 5 weeks and he will tolerate an area of partial light (although he does prefer a brighter spot!).

Not only is Snakey super easy to care for, but the clever people at NASA have found that he has brilliant air purifying properties too. While you rest at night, he’ll be busy absorbing CO2 and other toxins, helping you to sleep more soundly. And, according to the ancient art of Feng Shui, the Snake Plant brings good luck and cuts through negative energy.

With all this going for him, Sansevieria Snakey seems like an obvious choice for your new indoor jungle, the hardest decision will be choosing which of our gorgeous ceramics to style him in.


Snakey’s little brother, the oh so funky Sansevieria Punk is another top choice when indoor gardening doesn’t come naturally. This crazy-looking plant is punk by name, punk by nature. He’s perfect for newbie plant parents because he’s the easiest of all the Sansevierias to care for. No need to panic if you don’t have green fingers just yet, this little guy will gently show you the ropes.

In his natural habitat, the Sansevieria Punk is used to arid conditions so he only needs water once every 3 to 4 weeks and just like his snakey relative, he’ll cope in a bright spot or lower light conditions too, just make sure he’s not completely in the dark – he will need a little bit of indirect light to thrive.


Easy care credentials are one of the defining characteristics of the gorgeous Zamioculcas, also known as the Zamio or the ZZ Plant. He makes a top choice for the newbie and time-poor plant parents amongst you thanks to his willingness to be somewhat neglected; he can cope for weeks, if not months, without water and he can even thrive in a dark room. Simply keep him away from draughts, radiators and direct sunlight and aim to give him a drink every 4 to 5 weeks once the top layer of soil has dried out. Avoid letting him sit in water and don’t water him too often.


With his abundance of glossy, dark green leaves and beneficial air-purifying qualities, the ZZ Plant will help to create a peaceful and productive atmosphere in your home; perfect for a home office environment to give your concentration levels a boost. Depending on your space, choose between our regular Zamio or our big Zamio, both available in a choice of ceramics or baskets to brighten up your home.

Devil’s Ivy

The Devil’s Ivy, also known as a Scindapsus is a fabulously versatile starter plant; he will trail or climb and thrives in a light spot. Don’t be fooled by this plant’s sweet good looks, he’s tough as old boots, featuring devil in his name because he’s so hard to kill!

To thrive, he’ll need a little bit of water every 1 to 2 weeks once the top layer of soil is dry and you’ll be rewarded with lots of lovely, new growth. It’s mesmerising to watch this beauty flourish, prepare to be wowed by this fast-growing, easy-care plant.

Here at TLB, we love this devilish specimen so much, he’s available in a choice of ceramics to suit your style.

If it’s the trailing look you’re after, check out our Devil’s Ivy in a choice of bespoke ceramics or belly basket. Pop him on a high shelf or into one of our artisanal, hand-woven macrame plant hangers and watch as those heart-shaped leaves cascade beautifully as they grow.


Alternatively, for an added touch of elegance, take a look at our Devil’s Ivy in Marble Planter. The lush, green leaves look just stunning contrasted against the white marble and this guy comes complete with a black metal stand giving it that all important height to allow the leaves to trail over the side.

We mentioned earlier that this versatile guy can climb or trail, so if it’s a vertical, green display that piques your interest, then the Scindapsus (Moss Pole) could be just what you’re looking for. He will come planted in your choice of our signature seagrass and cotton belly basket or bespoke concrete ceramic with a moss pole in the centre to encourage him to climb as he grows. The result is an eye-catching vision of gorgeous, yellow-flecked green leaves, adding texture, height and interest to your home.



Continuing with the trailing theme, a Philodendron is a fab choice for beginners. Inspired by their recognisable, heart-shaped leaves, they are often referred to as a Sweetheart Plant and will create a stunning cascading display in your home as they grow.

Within the TLB plant collection we have two types of Philodendron to choose from. First up we have the Philodendron Cordatum who boasts a plethora of deep green, glossy leaves. This guy is available in a choice of our classic stoneware which complement his vibrant foliage perfectly.

Alternatively, the Philodendron Brasil offers a more vibrant view with his variegated leaves displaying stunning streaks of bright yellow in contrast with the deep green. This guy is also available in a choice of our bespoke stoneware, or for an added touch of lux, take a look at the Philodendron in Copper House or the Philodendron in Marble Plant Stand. Whether you opt for the ultra on trend warmth of the copper option or the oh so chic elegance of the white marble effect, you’re sure to bring an instant touch of class to your home.


Whichever variety of philodendron that you choose, the low maintenance care advice remains the same. These beauties make such a good choice for those who are new to plant care because they only need water every 7 to 10 days and although they prefer a bright spot with indirect sunlight, they can tolerate some shade too.

Satin Pothos

Our final trailing pick is the very chic Satin Pothos. With his variegated leaves in hues of silver and pale green, this guy is a top choice to bring contrast and elegance to your indoor jungle. Choose from our beautifully understated almond, charcoal or grey ceramics and let those gorgeous vines take centre stage.

This trailing beauty will happily sit pretty without demanding too much attention from you – ideal as you get to grips with introducing a plant care routine into your life. He’ll enjoy a drink when his soil has dried out and he likes a bright spot with indirect sunlight but will tolerate lower light levels.

Peperomia Obtusifolia

Characterised by his abundance of thick, glossy, water-filled leaves, the Peperomia Obtusifolia is a stunning houseplant that is sure to add an instant pop of botanical chic to your living space.

Also known as a Baby Rubber Plant, he’s got more than good looks going for him; he’s undeniably in the low-maintenance care category, he’s safe for pets and he’s a great size. He is large enough to make an impact in most spaces but not so big that he’d take over in a more compact area.


Originating from the rainforests of South America, this laidback guy will be happy and pretty undemanding in your home, great news for newbie plant parents and time-poor peeps. As he stores water in his leaves, he doesn’t require frequent watering; give him a drink once every 1 to 2 weeks when the top layer of soil has dried out. He will be happiest in moderate to bright indirect light but he will also tolerate lower light levels, like a darker office with fluorescent lighting. In his natural habitat, he grows on the ground and is shaded by taller trees, so it’s best to avoid a position in bright, direct sunlight.

Spider Plant

For all the retro vibes, check out the tropical Spider Plant. His elongated, palm-like leaves will bring some serious 70’s-esque style to your home and for an added bonus, he might even produce little babies which you can easily propagate to make more lovely spider plants.


To keep him happy and healthy just give him a drink once a week, letting the soil dry out in between and find him a bright spot away from direct sunlight.


Add some bright, tropical vibes to your indoor jungle with the leafy Dracaena. This plant’s oh-so-easy to care for and packs a punch wherever you home it. And there are so many varieties to choose from that you can inject those tropical feels no matter the size of your space.

The Mini Dracaena Head and Dracaena Compacta have glossy dark green leaves and work brilliantly in a smaller space. To maximise the tropical air, take a look at the Lemon & Lime Dracaena featuring neon yellow and green striped leaves.


To make a statement in a larger space, you’ll love the large Dracaena in a choice of a belly basket or grey ceramic, ideal to green up a bare corner in your home. Take a look at all of the options in our Dracaena range.

And whichever Dracaena you choose, you’ll find them nice and easy to look after, they only need water once every 10 days and they can tolerate low light, making them ideal for a gloomy corner.


Are you looking to create the ultimate indoor jungle without the effort? Then add a Yucca to your collection. This fabulous plant is a thing of beauty. It’s native to the Americas and has fantastic healing properties, which is why it’s commonly used in soaps and other beauty products.


Yucca plants are experts at conserving water. Their leaves have a waxy coating that helps prevent water loss and evaporation. They also have built-in channels that direct water directly into the base of the plant. That’s why you only need to water this unique plant once every couple of weeks after the soil’s dried ou

If you want to encourage the plant’s lush green colour, use a generic houseplant food every few months. This will do your plant the world of good. You’re also spoilt for choice, as we have yucca plants available in regular, large, and XL sizes. Take your pick!


The Haworthia is one of the best indoor plants for beginners and an absolute fave of ours here at TLB. With fleshy dark green leaves, potted in our stunning ceramic pots, this show-stopping succulent is sure to become one of your favourites too.

Not only is the Haworthia seriously handsome, but it only needs a little TLC to thrive. Because it’s a succulent, it’s used to droughts. This means you only need to water it once a month. Let the soil dry out in between waterings and drain your plant by tipping it upside down over the sink, if you suspect it’s sitting in too much water.

In their natural habitat, Haworthias are used to being under rocks and other objects in the wild, so place it in an east or west-facing window to give it the filtered sunlight it needs.

These super succulents are available in a range of sizes and ceramics so you’re sure to be able to find the right one to suit your style.

First up, there’s our Mini Haworthia, potted in a choice of our glazed or metallic-dipped ceramics, this cute little guy packs a big punch in the style stakes.

Next up, we have our regular Haworthia with his distinctive zebra-like stripes, he will bring oodles of texture and interest to your space.

And for the ultimate in Haworthia wow-factor, take a look at our Large Haworthia in a Marble Stand. The stunning marble planter is a fab choice to showcase this larger specimen and makes the perfect addition to style up your kitchen windowsill or table.


Add some eye-catching, visual interest to your brand-new plant-scape with a gorgeously unique Crassula, also known as a Money Tree, Lucky Tree or a Jade Tree. This distinctive succulent boasts thick, shiny, oh so cute leaves and he stands a little taller than many other succulents giving him the appearance of a miniature tree. He’s available in a mini and a regular size, both available in a choice of our TLB bespoke glazed or metallic-dipped ceramics, just gorgeous.

It doesn’t take much to keep this lovely little guy happy, follow these simple care instructions and you’ll have yourself a happy little houseplant. Put a small amount of water straight into the soil, no more than once a month, any more than that could cause root rot. Make sure to avoid getting water onto the leaves as this could cause those lovely leaves to rot. Keep the moss lovely and fresh with an occasional light sprinkling or spray of water. And place your Crassula in a well-lit spot as he enjoys plenty of sunlight.

Plant Gangs

For those of you who are feeling all the green love and want to go big with your indoor jungles right from the start (we can’t blame you!), we’ve got just the thing. Our range of ready-to-go plant bundles are ideal; ready-made indoor jungles at the click of a button.

Here’s our pick of the best plant gangs for newbies.

Plant Gang for Newbie Plant Parents

The name says it all! We’ve carefully selected this fab beginner’s bundle because it contains some of the easiest plants to care for. If you’re unsure about which plants you should choose from our range, we’ve done the hard work for you and made it easy to select your very first plant bundle. Featuring a Zamioculcas, an Aloe Succulent and a Mini Haworthia, this is ultimate green styling at your fingertips.


Known as the true survivors of the plant world, these guys are happy to be ignored for a little while. Watering them every 4 weeks is enough. In fact, they hate too much water, so leaving them to dry out in between watering is best.

Dealing with these tough little indoor houseplants gives you space to learn and grow with your bundle. You’ll be a plant expert in no time!

Easy-Care Plant Basket Bundle

This fun basket bundle is the perfect green gang for budding plant people. The bundle includes the Zamioculcas and the Dracaena, both of which are so easy to care for (as we’ve already explained). We’ve planted them in our stylish, waterproof belly baskets, which have a gorgeous woven seagrass base and soft yet durable black cotton top half. They’ll brighten up any room, wherever you choose to place them.

Plant Shelfie Bundle

Create your very own plant shelfie with this cute selection of mini succulents and cacti all styled in our signature grey and copper and black and gold ceramics. This unique selection allows you to create a fab little indoor jungle even if you’re a tad short on space.

This bundle contains a Mini Crassula, Mini Dracaena, Mini Echeveria, Single Hoya Heart and Peperomia Rotundifolia. Each one brings its own unique look and style to create gorgeous visual variety when styled on your chosen shelf. But one thing they all have in common – you’ve guessed it, they’re all fabulously easy to look after!


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about our low-maintenance plants for beginners and how to care for them. With time and patience, you’ll become a plant person in no time.

If you have some snaps to share of your plants in their new home, we’d love to see them. Share them on Instagram and tag us; @thelittlebotanical. And, of course, if you have any burning plant questions, we’re all ears; get in touch with us at [email protected].

And have fun creating your very first plant-scape and getting to know your new botanical buddies.

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