Mini Crassula


A variety of succulents that are amongst the most hardy, with a completely different appearance and size, this succulent is perfect for adding some height as well as texture.

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Native to South Africa, the Crassula is a group of succulents made up of over 200 species. We just love the colours and size of the Crassula. It really works as part of a group of succulents or standing independently it really holds its own. Usually, a much darker green although some plants coming through with tips of yellow and red. These almost miniature trees, made up of lots of petal-like leaves add just a little more height than our other succulent varieties, meaning when grouped together you create height and texture to the feature.

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Plant Care

Do not water the leaves. A very tiny bit of water can be put under the leaves, straight into the soil. But we do not recommend doing this more than once a month. The moss can be kept fresh with a light sprinkling of water or a spray.


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Why I’m great

I am sometimes known as the “money plant” and can bring good luck, but not only that, I will last for months with very little fuss!