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Give Your Home a Plant Makeover this September

As September comes into view, many of us are preparing for change and a plant makeover might be just what you need! Of course, the seasons are gradually beginning to transition from summer to autumn. In addition to the change in the natural world, children will be heading back to school to start a brand-new academic year, with some even flying the nest for the first time and heading off to university.

All this means a change for everyone at home as we strive to settle back into the, often hectic, routine of school runs, after school clubs and the general faster pace of life post the summer break.

This week we’re taking a little look at how the humble houseplant can have a positive impact amongst all the changes. It might not look like it as they sit quietly on a shelf or windowsill, but these green beauties have some pretty powerful benefits for mind and body and this can come in very handy at this time of year. The wonders of a plant power makeover are seemingly endless, from purifying the air to helping you sleep to helping revitalise your living spaces, there are so many reasons to green up your life! Read on to discover how they can help you!

Back to School Ready with TLB Indoor Plants

So, your little students are heading back to school after their summer holiday and the new school year often goes hand in hand with an increase in workload. Did you know that a little potted plant or two will make the perfect study buddy? Pop a little green friend on their desk to help them settle into the new school year with ease.

Plants are natural air-purifiers, removing toxins from the air and replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen. Studies have shown that incorporating plants in your environment can help to relieve headaches, reduce stress and increase productivity. We’re sure those keen students out there would love a bit of that plant power to help get their new school year off to a flying start. Here are some of our top plant picks to help get you back to school ready. We think they’re absolute back-to-school must-haves and perfect for your plant makeover list.

The Desk Buddy Plant Gang

The name here is a bit of a give-away, but just to spell it out, this fab little bundle of easy-care succulents are perfect desk plants. Not so big that they’ll get in the way and not so hard to care for that they’ll add stress. They look pretty good too. Simply perfect as pretty little stress-relievers.

The Desk Buddy Plant Gang, £42

Zen Bundle

Another fab gang of low-maintenance plants that are perfect for the corner of a desk or nestled on a bookshelf. The funky Sansevieria Punk, a fab air-purifying plant, and the quirky Ficus Ginseng Tree will work their magic to keep things cool and calm when homework stress is building.

Zen Bundle, £44

Plant Shelfie Bundle and Pink Shelfie Bundle

Perhaps your pupil has a shelf in their study space that’s just crying out for some green love. Take a look at these oh-so-cute shelfie bundles. They’ll inject the perfect pop of green for an instant injection of stress reduction.

Plant Shelfie Bundle, £55

Pink Shelfie Bundle, £52

Super Succulents

Succulents are an excellent choice for studying companions. They come in small packages so they’re not too imposing on a desk or in a small study space and they’re super easy to care for so they won’t add to stress levels. We have three succulent sets that we just love. Any one of them would make a fabulously thoughtful back-to-school gift for a friend or loved one.

Succulent Duo Coaster Bundle, £40

Succulent Plant Gang, £38

Plant Mister & Succulent Gift Set, £37

Help Your Fresher Stay Fresh

If someone you love is about to embark on the next step of their educational journey and is heading off to university, sending them on their way with a green beauty or two in tow is a fab idea. Now, we all know that being a fresher is a lot of fun, but all the partying can sometimes interfere with brain power and focus when it comes to studying. Thank goodness for the brain power and focus-boosting abilities of plants. Encourage your new student to style their space with these green beauties and they’ll be nailing all aspects of student life in no time.

Spider Plant

This retro green beauty brings all the botanical style and is super easy to look after as well so, he won’t prove to be a distraction for your new student. These tropical beauties also produce little spider plant babies that can be shared with new friends!

Spider Plant, £18.50


This brightly coloured, leafy beauty is just perfect for brightening up a student bedroom. They’re easy to look after and you can even personalise the gorgeous metallic-dipped pot, a perfect opportunity to let your loved one know that they’re in your thoughts even when they’re away.

Croton, £13.99

Let Green Beauties Help You to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Any number of people in your home could be in need of a good night’s sleep at this time of year. From anxiety about starting a new school year, stressing about your new life at uni or concern for your loved one coping away from home for the first time, all of these things could be cause for sleepless nights. Adding indoor plants to your bedroom décor is a great way to improve how well you sleep. Hardworking, air-purifying plants will work tirelessly through the night to purify and detox the air around them helping us to get a better night’s sleep. Even the colour green is thought to be calming and therapeutic, so what accessories could be better than gorgeous green plants for styling your bedroom? If you love this idea as much as we do, read our top tips for styling your bedroom with indoor plants.

Our favourite picks for a botanical bedroom are the stunning, tropical Areca Palm and the gorgeously tranquil Peace Lily. Both will make a fab style statement and turn your bedroom into a botanical bliss.

Areca Palm, £95

Peace Lily, £49

Reclaim Your Home

Now that the academic year is back in full swing and the house is a little quieter again (at least during the daytime anyway!), it’s the perfect opportunity to take some time for you.

A plant makeover has so many benefits (as we keep saying!), adding a little bit of new greenery to your interior will help you to feel like your home is yours again, but more than that, your new foliage will work to help you to destress after a busy summer, improve your overall wellbeing and boost your mood. All in all, we could call them happy plants!

These are some of our favourites for getting those calming and relaxing vibes flowing and giving your home a botanical refresh for September.

Ficus Elastica aka Rubber Plant

A fabulous addition to your plant makeover with his deep green, glossy leaves, air purifying qualities and easy-care creds, what’s not to love?

Rubber Plant, £22

Sansevieria (Snakey)

For the TLB team, this fab houseplant is a must-have in any indoor jungle. Fondly referred to as Snakey at The Little Botanical HQ, the Sansevieria makes our list of top plants for pretty much any situation. He’s a real treat for the eyes with his spray of upright, two-tone, pointy leaves, he doesn’t take much looking after at all and he’ll work hard purifying the air in your home.

Sansevieria (Snakey), £23


The unstructured nature and fabulous, feathery texture of ferns are perfect for inducing calm and relaxation. We have a fab range of ferns to choose from but we particularly like the Asparagus Fern and the newest member of our fern family; the Staghorn Fern.

Asparagus Fern, £20.50

Staghorn Fern, £22.00

String of Pearls

This oh-so-pretty trailing plant boasts an abundance of vines adorned with round, pearl-like leaves. Just gorgeous in our signature grey and copper-dipped ceramic, sitting high up on a shelf.

String of Pearls, £18.99


Also known as a Jade Plant, this much-loved succulent brings oodles of style and texture to your plant-scape with his gorgeous, petal-like leaves. With his undeniable style and easy-care credentials, he’s a fab choice for your indoor jungle.

Crassula, £14.50

And that brings our rundown of the best plants for a September plant makeover to an end. Whether you’re looking for plants to help concentration, plants that clean the air or plants for your kid’s bedroom, we hope we’ve given you some green inspiration. As ever, if you have any questions, do get in touch at [email protected]. And we’ll catch you next time for more indoor plant news and inspiration.

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