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We love our little succulents as they look great (especially in our beautiful pots) and are easy to look after. Some even do a little bit more than just look good as they offer extra benefits such as air-purification! If you want to know more about succulents and why they are simply awesome, then prepare to expand your knowledge. 

A little background

We’ve written a more detailed guide to succulents on our blog but here is a quick summary as to how succulents exploded onto the gardening and interiors scene.

Back in 2011, there was a drought in California, which meant people had to look at plants for their gardens that didn’t require huge amounts of water. Succulents quickly became one of the most common choices. As they grew in popularity in the US, this slowly began to filter out to other countries as more and more people realised that they were suited to a wide range of environments, regardless of where you lived. 

Now if you go to a stylish shop, restaurant or office it is pretty likely you will spot a succulent. And it is also more likely you will know what it is called! While the trend began with just one or two standing out, their popularity means most retailers have expanded what is on offer and this has also improved our knowledge of them. Many people would previously have just used the term succulent, but slowly savviness has grown and people wouldn’t look confused if you told them about the latest haworthia you have bought. 

If you were to look up succulents on Pinterest or Instagram, you would be overwhelmed with the number of pins and posts that are shown. There are even accounts where all people do is talk about showcase their succulents! 

Plants with benefits

Our love for the Sansevieria is well documented on this website. That isn’t unique to our larger versions, as we have the little but mighty Sansevieria Punk in our succulent range. Sansevierias are a top performer for improving air quality as shown in the NASA Clean Air Study. We also stock Aloe Vera, which is very well known for its soothing gel that is stored in the leaves. This can be used in creams for so many conditions like eczema or sunburn. A handy plant! 

Easy to care for

Of all of our plants, succulents are probably the easiest to care for. That doesn’t mean you can ignore them completely! If you shut them in a cold dark room and never water them or even overwater them, then they won’t thrive. 

Succulents like natural light and the occasional drink. The amount of water is important. Don’t get too focused on it though – you don’t need to measure it out each time! You just need to make sure it is the appropriate amount for the plant you have. Also here’s a good tip for you – try to avoid watering onto the leaves and instead get the water straight into the soil.

Whatever succulent you pick for your home or as a gift, we are sure you will love it. Don’t forget they look great as little gangs – why stop at just one?!

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