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Here at The Little Botanical we just love our little succulents, they look fabulous and they’re easy to look after. But that’s not all, succulents even purify the air around us, making them oh so useful as well as good-looking! As you’d expect, all of our lovely little succulents come ready potted in our gorgeous ceramics, giving you effortless green style at your fingertips. If you’re keen to know more about these gorgeous succulents, then read on and let us enlighten you with a little information about these super green beauties.

A little background

For a full rundown on all things succulents check out our brief guide to succulents over on our blog. Otherwise, read on for a briefer introduction about how succulents have risen from a relatively unknown indoor plant to positive stardom in the world of indoor plant styling. Succulents have enjoyed a growth in popularity in recent years, thanks in part, to a drought in California in 2011 which prompted plant lovers to seek out green friends that aren’t too thirsty. One question we often get is ‘how often do you water succulents’ and the answer is not very often! Given this, succulents soon became a top choice and their popularity quickly spread to other countries around the world as more and more people realised their wonderful versatility and resilience, particularly that they can thrive in a wide range of environments and are super easy to look after.

Such is their popularity these days, that it’s almost impossible to visit a stylish restaurant, coffee shop or even office without spotting these easy-care green beauties. And more than that, us plant lovers are becoming savvier about the specific plant names. Gone are the days when we all referred to any of these green beauties as generic ‘succulents’, nowadays we’re more likely to be discussing the watering schedule of our Haworthia or the humidity needs of our Crassula. And there’s tons of inspiration available out there too. Check out the wide array on Pinterest and Insta posts dedicated to showcasing succulents; they’re sure to help nail your indoor plant styling.

Plants with benefits

Succulents might typically be small, but they sure have some big benefits, they do say the best things come in small packages after all. Indoor plants are known for their air purifying superpowers and one of the most heroic on that front is our much-loved Sansevieria. This clever plant even earned itself a mention as a top performer for improving air quality in the NASA Clean Air Study. We love this guy so much we’ve dedicated a whole blog to owning and caring for a Sansevieria. And the fabulous air purifying qualities aren’t limited to our large Sansevieria; we stock the fantastically small but mighty Sansevieria Punk in our succulents range. Another famously beneficial succulent that we stock here at TLB is Aloe Vera. Not only do his long, luscious leaves look fab but they’re full of soothing gel that’s wonderful for treating all manner of ailments including eczema and sunburn. Simply fabulous!

Easy to care for

Of all the plants we stock here at TLB, our succulents are probably the easiest to care for. But don’t completely forget about them! You won’t see them thrive if you deprive them completely of light and water or on the other hand if you overwater them.

To keep your lovely little succulents happy, pop them in a spot that benefits from natural light and give them an occasional drink. How often and how much water they need will vary by succulent but all the information you need to keep your green beauty thriving can be found on the product information page for your chosen plant. A great tip for any succulent though is to avoid watering the leaves and instead pour the water straight into the soil.

Whichever succulent you choose, whether for your own home or as a gift, we’re sure you or your lucky recipient is going to love it. In fact, you might find yourself addicted to these super stylish green lovelies… they do look great as a little gang!

And if you are shopping for a gift, then be sure to check out our personalisation service. You can create an extra special present whether you want to put someone’s name on it or a special message.

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