Mini Orchid – Mauve


The mini orchid looks great in a corner of the room and will fit in anywhere. Providing long-lasting flowers in lots of different colours. A reliable friend and a perfect sized gift.


The mini orchid is a wonderful little gift. We think he looks great in any room and provides you with a beautiful mass of little blooms that will enhance any space.

Enjoy the theatre of watching the blooms open.

The lovely plant in a beautiful container, if nurtured, will flower for months. Planted into our favourite concrete grey ceramic, and finished with a moss topping to create a contemporary yet delicate floral feature.

Additional information

Estimated Plant Height (CM)


Internal Pot Diameter (CM)


Pot Height (CM)


Plant Care

Water infrequently. Very lightly (20-30ml of water) every 10-14 days. The Moss can be kept looking fresh with a spraying of water or can be run under the tap, but allowing the water to drain away to ensure the plant never sits in water.

Once all the flowers have fallen off, the plant can be cut to 10-12cm above the pot and with a bit of patience and love, this plant with come back time and time again.


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Why i’m great

I’m little so I fit in all spaces and I come in lots of different colours – why don’t you match me to your room!