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Discover Our Top 10 Most Popular Houseplants

Here at TLB, we love indoor plants and the many wellbeing benefits they bring. That’s why we wanted to share our most popular houseplants with you.

Have a browse below for the run-down of what you’ve been loving so far this year, and see whether yours made the list. You might also pick up some handy tips about how to care for our most popular houseplants.

My Home Bundle

This gorgeous bundle of greenery was born at the same time as the TLB brand way back in 2017, and it’s been one of your favourites ever since.  It’s just the perfect mix of leafy green houseplants and eye-catching succulents, including the Calathea, Chamaedorea, Medium Haworthia, Medium Crassula, and the Miranda.

In our opinion, the best thing about this beautiful gang is how easy it is to care for. The succulents only need watering once every 3-4 weeks and thrive in rooms with plenty of filtered sunlight.

Each plant comes in signature TLB ceramic pots, adding a touch of class and style to your home. The variety of shapes and sizes compliment each other perfectly and will refresh your interior space.

Why we love it: Our My Home Bundle is the perfect mix of houseplants to create a stylish, green oasis in your home. It’s low maintenance and offers the perfect solution to bringing the outdoors in, in the most simple and accessible way.

My Home Bundle

Plant Shelfie Bundle

This cute selection of mini succulents and cacti is ideal to create your very own plant shelfie. The shelfie bundle comes in our pretty ceramic pots, which are ready to make a style statement in every room.

We’ve carefully selected every plant because they look great together, giving a mix of textures and shapes.  Have fun putting them in different orders, and mixing them around whenever you fancy a change. The bundle includes our Mini Cactus, Mini Haworthia, Mini Miranda, Single Heart Hoya Kerrii, and the Peperomia Rotundifolia.

While each plant is fairly easy to care for, they’re all unique in their own way. They’re also perfect for plant newbies and experienced plant parents alike – whether you’re just getting started on your houseplant journey or want something easy to look after.

Why we love it: These Insta-worthy little plants in our gorgeous coloured pots only require a little TLC and are a great way to add serious style to your home. Take a snap for Instagram and tag us so we can see how they’re settling in.

Plant Shelf Bundle

Succulent Plant Gang

Who doesn’t love a succulent plant? We sure do, which is why we think you’ll enjoy our Succulent Plant Gang too.

It features the Haworthia, Crassula, and the Mini Miranda. All are distinctive and quirky in appearance and are super easy to care for, making this plant gang an easy way to introduce low maintenance houseplants into your home.

To keep your plants healthy for as long as possible, place them in a light spot in your home. Windowsills are perfect, but make sure they’re not in direct sunlight. You can also place them on a shelf or coffee table to create a cute feature.

Why we love it: These distinctive green beauties in their classic ceramics are completely unique and are perfect for adding a green feature to your home.

Succulent Plant Gang

Mini Peperomia Rotundifolia

Also known as the Trailing Jade, the Mini Peperomia Rotundifolia is a firm favourite and one of our most popular houseplants. It has a calming presence and a stylish, chic look – perfect for creating the oh-so-popular ‘plant shelfie’ look. Fancy getting involved in the trend?

Not only does it look great but with the right care, this little guy will continue to grow in the direction of light so will climb or trail. It won’t take too long before the delicate leaves trail beautifully. Place it on a shelf to make the most of the trailing leaves and you can admire your plant whenever you walk into the room.

The Peperomia Rotundifolia is a tropical plant and needs watered once every 10 days in Spring and Summer. Place it in a bathroom or use a spray bottle to mist it every now and then to keep it happy. However, be careful not to overwater it, as that will make it grumpy.

Why we love it: Styled in our classic metallic dipped pot, our Mini Peperomia Rotundifolia is perfect for brightening up any home with a lush pop of bright green.

Mini Peperomia Rotundifolia

Double Heart Hoya Kerrii

Also known as the sweetheart plant, our distinctive Hoya Kerrii Double Heart succulent is the perfect novelty plant. It has two heart leaves one behind the other, making it a beautiful gift for someone special. Or, if you decide to treat yourself, we won’t tell…

Because our Hoya Kerrii is a cute plant designed for fun, you won’t experience much leaf growth. But that’s okay, as you can enjoy it while it lasts. We’ve planted it in our gorgeous bespoke metallic dipped ceramic, making it even more special.

Caring for our Hoya Kerrii is simple. Water your plant sparingly straight into the soil and only re-hydrate it once the soil becomes completely dry. Pop it up on a shelf or windowsill and admire the pretty heart-shaped leaves.

Why we love it: No plant is as sweet as this one and the heart shaped leaves make it a stunning gift and easily one of the most popular houseplants.  

Double Heart Hoya Kerrii

Mini Peperomia Piccolo

This little, leafy succulent is perfect for adding a touch of style to your living space. It looks fab on its own or as part of a green jungle – the choices are endless.

The Mini Peperomia Piccolo has thick, pale silvery-green leaves. They almost look like mini watermelons, making it one of the most unique houseplants out there. Not only that, but the stems are red, adding an extra pop of colour to your interior space.

The Peperomia Piccolo is a low maintenance plant. It adapts well to low levels of light, so you can put one in your home office or a shady spot to brighten it up.

Why we love it: We love the leaves! The plant looks even better in our half-dipped ceramic pot.

Mini Peperomia Piccolo

Pet-Friendly Houseplant Bundle

If you have pets, you’ll love our Pet-Friendly Houseplant Bundle. We’ve specifically hand-picked this green gang for our list of most popular houseplants because it’s safe for the most inquisitive pets, including cats and dogs.

Our pet-friendly bundle includes the Spider Plant, Boston Fern, and the Peperomia Piccolo. All three are unique in their own way but also look fab grouped together. Which one gets your vote?

To keep this leafy trio looking as healthy as possible, water them once a week, being careful not to overwater. Signs of overwatering are if the spider plant leaves turn black or the Peperomia’s leaves drop. These guys like indirect sunlight best – too much sunlight can damage the leaves. Mist them regularly to give them the moisture they need.

Why we love it: Not only does this bundle look great, but it’s safe for your furry friends too. Win-win!

Pet-Friendly Houseplant Bundle

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is the houseplant that keeps on giving. Not only does it look great, but it’s been used for thousands of years for the soothing gel found in its thick, spongy leaves.

It also purifies the air around you, removing harmful toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde and benzene. Some plant owners also find that having plants on their desk while they work improves their concentration and creativity.

The Aloe Vera loves sunlight, so don’t be afraid to place it somewhere bright and sunny – just be sure it doesn’t get scorched in direct sunlight. Let the soil dry out before watering it again. Squeezing the leaves will also help you know when it’s thirsty.

Why we love it: The Aloe Vera is good for you and looks pretty fab too. It’s distinctive leaves give it a modern yet timeless look. What’s not to love?

Aloe Vera

Jungle Orchid

With its lush green palm leaves and vibrant pop of orchid colour, the Jungle Orchid is a stunning entry to the most popular houseplants. It produces a beautiful mass of blooms that will great in any room or living space. Enjoy the theatre of watching them open then wait for the remaining buds to flower.

To enjoy its full potential, put your jungle orchid somewhere everyone can see it, such as a table centrepiece or a hallway cabinet. That way, it’ll be the first thing you see as you walk through the door. To nurture it, water infrequently every 14-21 days and keep it fresh with a light misting of water every now and then. Be careful never to let it sit in water and don’t spray the delicate petals.

Why we love it: The Jungle Orchid is one of the most beautiful plants around. It comes styled in our favourite grey textured ceramic pot, giving it an extra special finish and will make a beautiful gift.

Jungle Orchid


We love this little guy. With his bold stripy leaves, this tough yet cute succulent adds detail and interest to every room. You’ll love admiring it, wherever you choose to place it. When it’s well cared for, the leaves are thick, firm and straight, forming rosettes with a signature white ‘zebra’ pattern.

The Haworthia is also easy to care for. This drought-loving plant can tolerate long periods without water. Water it once a month and provide it with 4-6 hours of filtered sunlight each day. While it only needs a little TLC, check on it every now and then to make sure it doesn’t sit in water.

Why we love it: The Haworthia is one of the world’s most distinctive plants. Its fun stripy, spikey leaves make it a wonderful addition to any indoor jungle.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about our most popular houseplants. What’s yours? We’d love to see a snap of it in your home, so share them on Instagram and let us know with a tag. If you’d like to learn more about any of the plants on our list or have any burning questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Lots of love,

Team TLB

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