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Orchid Care Guide

Orchid Care Guide

The beautiful and ornate orchid is a stunning addition to any home. Our orchids come with a small number of flowers in bloom, so you can enjoy the theatre of watching the remaining buds open.

Did you know? Orchids are one of the world’s oldest flowering plants. Experts believe they’ve been around since before the continents separated!


Orchids don’t need much water, so give your plant max 20-30ml of water every 14-21 days


Spray the moss with water to keep it fresh and moist


Drain your plant to ensure it never sits in water

Things To Do


Even though orchids are from the rainforest, surprisingly they only need a small amount of water. Water your plant by placing a small amount of water directly into the roots, avoiding the leaves. Alternatively, place a couple of medium-sized ice cubes into the soil every 14-21 days.

Orchids need bright, indirect sunlight to thrive. An east or west-facing windowsill is perfect for your plant. Be careful of too much light in the middle of summer, though, as it’ll scorch the leaves.


With the right care an orchid can flower again and again. However, it’ll only do so if the roots are firm and pale, which means they’re healthy. Once its finished flowering cut the plant at the base of the stem and continue to water it every 14-21 days. You can also help your orchid to grow by providing it with plenty of indirect sunlight.

Things Not To Do


Overwatering can cause the leaves to turn yellow and the flowers to drop off the stem. In fact, you’re better off underwatering your orchid than giving it too much water. Check that the plant appears dry before watering. If it feels a bit moist, hold out for a few more days before giving your orchid another drink.

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