Plant Stands

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When you don’t have enough shelves or you want to make a plant a real feature in a room, a plant stand is the perfect answer. Our range features a plant stand table as well as plant stands that can be freestanding on the floor, or a centrepiece for a table.

Wooden plant stands

Our plant stand table has a mango wood base, black metal legs and a copper top. This combination of materials against the green of our plants looks gorgeous in many rooms thanks to its neat size.

Copper containers

Copper makes for a perfect neutral as it goes with so many colours and the hardware fittings you might have in a room. We think variegated plants such as our devil’s ivy make the perfect match.

Marble pots

For a truly classic look, our marble pots with their black metal base are your ideal choice. They come in two heights so you can pair them with one of our trailing plants, such as the English Ivy and watch its vines trail over it.

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