Plantsmith Protecting Bug Control Spray

Plantsmith Protecting Bug Control Spray


Plantsmith Protecting Bug Control is 100% natural spray, designed to protect your houseplants from most common insects and bugs, beautifully packaged in a brown glass bottle.

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A ready-to-use natural mist, protecting your gorgeous houseplants from those pesky bugs and unwanted diseases.

Plantsmith Protecting Bug Control Spray protects against pests such as whitefly, scale insect, red spider mite and greenfly. Containing additional plant-boosting nutrients to strengthen houseplants that have been weakened by previous insect attacks and even protects against mildew diseases. Protecting Bug Control Spray is a natural, biodegradable light mist that will protect houseplants, orchids and indoor vegetables.

This Bug Protection Spray is a non-toxic formula and works as a physical protection rather than chemical action.

Common pests to look out for on your houseplants:


These tiny white heart shaped flies are piercing and sucking insects that can weaken a plant, they like colder weather. As a general rule, make sure your plants are healthy and they'll be less susceptible to an infestation.

Spider mites
It’s difficult to see these sap-sucking pests by eye, but their damage is unmistakable. The upper sides of leaves will become mottled, before they shrivel up and die – fine webbing is sometimes visible.. They like hot, dry conditions so mist plants regularly to raise humidity.

Scale insects
Scale insects are sap-sucking creatures that look like tiny brown limpets. Over time, they form large colonies and will weaken their host. They usually appear on stems and under leaves.

Shake the bottle well, before thoroughly spraying the upper and lower surfaces of all leaves. To keep pests at bay, spritz once a week. If you have active pests then spray every three days for two weeks, making sure to spray the insects directly. For best effect, continue to spray once a week as this formula will help to strengthen your houseplant back to good health.

To take your plant care to the next level, combine this with our Fortifying Houseplant Tonic to help strengthen your plant from the inside out.

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