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Houseplant Inspiration Ideas

9 August 2023 | Green Inspiration

Now, if you’re a regular reader of our blog and you follow us on social media, you’ll know that as well as plenty of houseplant care tips we also love to bring you lots of green styling tips too.

We’re here for houseplant inspiration ideas for different seasons, advice on the best indoor plants for different parts of your home and of course, tips to help you keep them happy and healthy once they’re installed in your home.

One of our favourite things here at TLB is seeing our beautiful botanicals in all their green glory, styling up your gorgeous interiors. And boy, do you plant lovers know how to create a gorgeously green, oh-so-stylish plant-scape in your homes. It’s an absolute delight for us to see how our plants have inspired your interior choices. So, this week we’re sharing the love. We’ve collated some of our favourite pictures of our botanicals in situ in your homes. We are bringing everyone some tried and tested plant styling inspiration. Keep reading to see which plants are working wonders in the real-life homes of our lovely customers.

From big plants to baby plants, patterned to plain and bedrooms to bathrooms, there’s something here for everyone, so get set for your next plant makeover!

Where should you style large houseplants?

The impressive stature and majesty of big indoor plants makes them a very appealing choice to inject a green focal point into your home. However, knowing which one to choose and where to position them can be a little tricky. Let’s take a look at what’s working for some of our lovely tribe to give us a start for our houseplant inspiration.

The large or XL Areca Palm is a fab choice for a statement plant in your home. Inject some tropical vibes into a large living room or a light and airy open-plan space. This large, leafy palm is a particularly good choice if you have furry friends in your home. They are pet friendly, so your pets can continue to pad around worry-free.

botanical interior inspiration by @johnlewis_wil @jasper_the_beagle_hound

Once installed in your light and airy spot, be sure to keep this big guy away from direct sunlight. Give him water once a week and spritz him regularly to keep those humidity levels high.

For a larger kitchen, a big Calathea in our signature cotton and seagrass belly basket is a top pick. His striking leaf design is ideal for brightening up a kitchen. He also loves humidity so he’ll be very happy in a kitchen environment.

Botanical interior inspiration by @_boho_blue @thelittlebotanical

Pop him in a spot that benefits from indirect light, give him a drink every 7 to 10 days and be sure to dust those gorgeous leaves to keep him in tip top condition.

Our fireplaces can feel a bit redundant in the summertime, when we’ve no need to have the fire roaring to keep us warm. Avoid a sad and lonely-looking fireplace during the warmer months by accessorising with some gorgeous greenery. The big Peace Lily is the perfect summer styling choice for a homely hearth. Do remember to move him away from the heat once you need to light the fire again though, as he won’t enjoy the extreme heat right next to the flames. With their gorgeous white blooms contrasting against the vibrant greenery, a peace lily makes a stunningly chic addition to your interior.

Botanical interior inspiration by @becs_bakers_abode @thelittlebotanical

This guy will enjoy a bright spot away from direct sunlight and keep his soil moist but not soggy with a drink no more than once a week. For a full rundown on how to keep your Peace Lily thriving, take a look at our useful care guide.

Boasting an abundance of small, glossy green leaves, the large Ficus Benjamina, also known as a Weeping Fig, makes a stunning focal point in a living room in need of a little living greenery. He will brighten up a dull corner or complement your coffee table perfectly, a fabulous choice to bring the outdoors in.

Houseplant inspiration by @jillshouse_ @thelittlebotanical

And for an added bonus he’s wonderfully low maintenance too. Simply water him once a week when the top layer of soil is dry and place him in a well-lit spot away from direct sunlight.

Please note though, if you have asthma, a latex allergy or a furry friend or two, this guy is best avoided.

The Best Indoor Plants for Smaller Spaces

The great thing about house plants is that they come in all different shapes and sizes. You don’t need to have a sprawling, spacious home in order to incorporate botanicals into your interior décor.

There are many different house plants that love the hot and humid environment of a bathroom. The good news is that, even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, there are plenty of options to give your bathroom a botanical vibe.

Inject a fresh and vibrant feel to your bathroom with a Peperomia Rotundifolia. A gorgeous, little trailing plant that thrives on moisture, it will be oh-so-happy in your bathroom, bringing all the botanical gorgeousness whilst enjoying the natural humidity.

Botanical interior inspiration by @myhomeat67 @hughes_at_home

Simply give this trailing beauty a drink every 10 to 14 days and keep him away from direct sunlight. For everything you need to know to keep this guy happy, check out our handy care guide.

Make a beautiful, botanical feature in a chic white bathroom with the distinctive Begonia Maculata. It is commonly known as a Polka Dot Begonia thanks to his trademark spotty leaves. This guy will add a gorgeous pop of interest and texture nestled next to your sink. It is sure to give you more houseplant inspiration when you take a look at the photos below.

Botanical interior inspiration by @hughes_at_home @thelittlebotanical

In addition to the natural humidity in your bathroom, he will enjoy a bright spot with indirect sunlight and water about once a week.

Here at TLB, there aren’t many (if any!) rooms that we think don’t benefit from a little green makeover. And one part of the home where we think plants make a particularly welcoming statement is in the hallway. How lovely it is to return home after a busy day and be welcomed by a little indoor jungle greening up your hallway. Here are some houseplant inspiration ideas for the entrance to your home.

Pilea Peperomioides works particularly well for brightening up this area. Also known as the Chinese Money Plant, he isn’t so big that he’ll take over yet he is big enough to catch your eye. Plant styling perfection!

Botanical interior inspiration by

He will enjoy indirect light and a drink once a week. Take a look at our handy plant care guide for more care tips for this beauty.

If you’ve got a smaller living space but still craving a big botanical impact, then living walls will bring big wow factor in a super, space-saving solution. Instantly brighten up a bare wall with our PlantBox Indoor Living Wall. Bring all the indoor jungle vibes with this clever system. It has built-in water troughs for easy watering and even includes an indicator to show you when the water needs topping up. This living wall is also available in two sizes so you can select whichever suits your space best.

Botanical interior inspiration by @st_strath @housethateveryonebuilt

For enviable bedroom bliss, style a shelf or mantel with the oh-so-gorgeous Pretty Shelfie Bundle. This is a collection of super cute, easy-care succulents and cacti styled in bespoke pink and copper ceramics. Just perfect for adding a touch of botanical class to a child’s bedroom.

Houseplant inspiration by @thedetachedvictorian

Looking after this gorgeous gang won’t keep you awake at night either. Pop them in a bright spot and water them sparingly; just once every 2 to 3 weeks! The only exception is the Peperomia Rotundifolia who will need a little more attention. Give this guy water once every 7 to 10 days to keep him happy.

Office plants are all the rage, especially now many of us are working at home more often. Accessorising your home office with some beautiful desktop plants is a fab way to inject a bit of colour into your workspace. They bring a whole host of other benefits too. Check out our blog about reinvigorating your office with indoor plants for more on that! And in the meantime, a popular plant choice for an office environment is the fabulously unique Sansevieria Spikey.

Botanical interior inspiration by @rickybaileycom

This guy, with his characteristic upright, rigid leaves makes a particularly good choice for an office because he looks fab. You’ll have a stylish view whilst working and he’s super easy to look after. He only needs a drink once every few weeks! Furthermore, he’s a top performing air-purifying plant. He’ll help to keep the air in your workspace free of toxins. What’s not to love?!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little round-up of our Little Botanical babies in their forever homes. We also hope we’ve left you feeling inspired to create some gorgeously styled, indoor jungles of your own. If you have any questions before making your final decisions, please do get in touch at [email protected]. And when your indoor plant styling is complete, please do tag us over on insta; @thelittlebotanical. We really never get bored of seeing our plants sitting pretty in your homes and offices.

Until next time plant tribe.

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