Peperomia Rotundifolia Care Guide

Also known as the Trailing Jade or Jade Necklace, the Peperomia Rotundifolia is the ultimate trailing plant. It has small, circular leaves that form into soft trailing stems – perfect for admiring from a shelf or tall sideboard.

Did you know? The Peperomia Rotundifolia is sometimes referred to as the radiator plant because of its fondness for warm temperatures.

Top 3 Care Tips



Pour water directly into the soil once the soil dries out



Keep your plant away from direct sunlight and draughts to allow it to retain moisture



Prune and trim any dead leaves to encourage new growth

Things To Do

Water your plant once the soil becomes dry and water the soil directly avoiding the leaves. If you accidentally give your Peperomia Rotundifolia too much water, drain the soil to prevent the roots and leaves from rotting. Rotundifolias enjoy humidity but can tolerate normal household conditions, a light misting during the summer months will keep the plant looking its best. Remove any yellow, brown or dying leaves to encourage new growth.

Peperomia Rotundifolias enjoy indirect sunlight but can tolerate lower light levels, so would be happy in a darker room or an office with fluorescent lights.

This plant is considered non- toxic, so there is no need to keep it away from children or pets.

Things Not To Do

Peperomia Rotundifolias do not like to be over-watered. Signs of this are droopy leaves, mushy stems and their leaves may turn yellow and begin to drop off.

It’s best to avoid direct sunlight as this could scorch its leaves. Draughts can also cause excessive moisture loss and your plant to wilt. If you underwater your plant, it may also appear wilted, if you see this happening give it a little drink to perk it up.