Finally, returning to the office at long last?To help you bring a little bit of your own home to your office and create an inviting workspace, we’ve put together a guide of the best office plants to transform your desk into a space of calm, relaxation and productivity.

It’s time to re-acquaint ourselves with our workspaces and there’s no better time to freshen up that space with some greenery. Have a little read and discover the best plants for your office space.

Be inspired by the office houseplants trend

In team TLB, we absolutely love having greenery around us – there’s greenery in every corner! And there are so many reasons to have plants in your life, from aesthetics to health benefits. Did you know that simply introducing four plants or more to a room, can improve your mood, wellbeing and purify the air around you too?

We wrote a little blog post recently about how you can bring the outside into your home, so we thought it was about time we gave you all some fabulous tips on how you can green up your workspace too. 

And when it comes to making choices about what plants you should go for, the context is incredibly important. That’s because plants can help make a statement about who you are and what you do. Not only that, but it’s important they fit into your office life – not the other way around!

So, before you get started, it’s helpful to consider a few things, like: 

  • What plant would work for your office? 
  • What size of space is it?
  • What is the space used for?
  • How much natural light does it get?
  • What temperature is it?
  • Are you looking for small or large office plants to fill your space with?

Think about these things before choosing the right houseplants for the office. As growers of all things green, we know all there is to know about indoor plants, so let’s get started with our top tips.

1.     Low maintenance office plants

Having plants that are low maintenance is probably one of the biggest must-haves for so many people. This is particularly important for some businesses, as offices are more fluid and you embark on a new work lifestyle of home working and office working. So you absolutely don’t want to be worrying about a daily watering schedule on top of that.

We’ve suggested a few of our favourite small and big green beauties that don’t need special attention from staff or colleagues and will continue to look fabulous for many weeks and months. We guarantee that with very little care, they will easily look perfect nestled amongst your pieces at your desk.

So, which plants are best for low maintenance? Luckily for you, we have plenty of options that are easy to look after below and for even more inspo, head over to our ‘Are you a plant lover or a plant killer’ post to get some more ideas. Alternatively, check out our blog post on ‘Houseplants for beginners: how to get started’ for easy plant care tips for busy office workers.


These are most definitely the survivors of the plant world – they’re almost indestructible!  Unlike most plants, they cope well in both a well-lit or a darker space. They’ll even manage in warm or cool and draughty conditions.

Just be careful not to overwater them, though, as this is their Kryptonite.

We stock three of these plant beauties at The Little Botanical, and, quite simply, we love them all. First of all, we have a spikey version, which comes in both small & medium sizes. The fabulous on-trend grey ceramic pots are included too. There’s also the super popular Snakey variety, which is one of our best sellers. You’ll see why when you see the leaf patterns. Just gorgeous!

Another cute little desk buddy is Fernwood Punk. We like to call him Spikey’s Little Sister.

Sansevieria can cope with being pretty much ignored. They need a little water infrequently, around once a month, and possibly a leaf dust every few months to ensure they look their best. What more could you ask for in a Green Desk Buddy?

Our favourite co-working space in Chichester, Rume2, loves to decorate its space with plants. They have lots of Sansevieria dotted around their trendy offices.

Succulent Duo & Coaster Bundle

Who doesn’t love a cup of tea or coffee before they start work in the morning? We sure do! We talk a lot about how succulents are some of the easiest plants to look after because they’re almost indestructible.

We’ve blended the best of both worlds by pairing our Mini Miranda and Medium Haworthia with a stunning set of four sustainable mango wood coasters. The plants will add a touch of elegance to your workplace thanks to our signature black and gold ceramic pots, while the coasters are always handy for that all-important morning brew not to mention as a coaster for your plant to protect your desk from drips while you give your plant water. 

Plant Gang for Newbie Plant Parents

Are you a plant newbie? As the name suggests, this plant bundle’s perfect for busy office workers with little time to spend on plant TLC. We’ve carefully selected each plant in this bundle based on how easy it is to look after. This plant gang includes the Zamioculcas (ZZ Plant), the Medium Aloe and the Mini Haworthia all in gorgeous TLB pots. These beautiful botanicals are natural-born survivors and are happy to live in a dark corner of your office. They don’t even mind if you forget to water them if you aren’t in the office as much as you used to be.

Succulent Plant Gang

This gang of striking succulents is a quick and easy way to introduce low maintenance houseplants into your workspace. Whether placing them individually or together as a bundle, our Medium Haworthia, Medium Crassula and Mini Echeveria Miranda work together to add some beautiful greenery to your office. Potted in our stylish pots, they’ll make a statement on your desk and they only need watering every 3-4 weeks, so you can get on with your work without worrying about them. Win-win!

Find out all you need to know about caring for your succulent over on our Hot House blog.

2.     Making a statement with indoor office plants

Redecorating or buying new furnishings can be expensive and isn’t always a choice for many offices. However, a quick way to change the look and feel of where you work and make a bold statement is by introducing plants. They add colour and structure and can transform a bland room into an incredible space.

Bring some colour into your office, create a green calming corner or place plants by the entrance to enhance the space. They’re also great if you have flexible workers or lots of hot-desking, as adding a plant gang is a great way to make an office feel more welcoming and personal for people as they come and go.

You could add groups of mini succulents on meeting room tables or larger pots in-between spaces to help create clear zones. Plants in windows are also a great and easy way to add vibrancy. Just make sure to pick those that love sunshine and won’t dry out too quickly. Succulents or Cactii are the best for a sunny windowsill.


The must-have plant on everyone’s wish list. With its large, distinctive leaves, the Monstera is THE sought-after plant of the moment. Paired with our gorgeous copper bullet stand, place this show-stopping piece on a table in the corner of your workspace to create a contemporary urban feel. Monsteras like a well-lit spot and neeb to be watered at least once a fortnight. Just watch them grow new leaves before your eyes.

The Copper House Gang

This green gang in copper pots is a stunning addition to your office jungle. We just love the look of the greenery against the gorgeous copper pots – and we know you will too. The fab Philodendron and its heart-shaped marbled leaves are the perfect matches with the copper metal. The extra height of the house will allow your Philodendron to trail beautifully. Pop it on a shelf, windowsill or in the middle of a board room to bring the space to life.

PlantBox Indoor Living Wall with Houseplants

There’s no better way to make a statement in the office than with a living wall. These towering green beauties are currently making big waves in the plant world thanks to their feel-good vibes and air-purifying qualities. Their purpose is to help you bring the beauty of nature indoors. If you’re looking to wow customers, clients and colleagues, our PlantBox Living Wall’s the answer.

That’s not all – discover why living walls are such a huge trend right now and get inspiration on how to style your workspace over on our blog. 

Check out our Mobilane Living Art too for a wall-hung interior solution.

3.     Use office plants to keep your workspace healthy

Plants not only look good but they can purify the air around you too. Whilst plants can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they can also actually remove toxic chemicals from the air. This includes nasties like benzene and formaldehyde. Pretty incredible, right?!

Studies have shown that plants can help us feel less tired, have fewer allergy symptoms and recover faster from colds. This is excellent news all around for any office environment. Creating a space that can improve wellbeing and productivity deserves a high five.

Improve the air quality in your workspace by adding the green beauties below. Adding four or more plants to space can improve the air by up to 60%.

Scindapsus – Devil’s Ivy 

Our Scindapsus, which is more commonly known as Devil’s Ivy, will grow in any direction and is oh-so-easy to maintain. Known to work well in both a darker corner or lighter spot, these plants are air-purifying and look great. The Scindapsus is a fantastic climbing or trailing plant – but we love the look of the vibrant green leaves against our gorgeous marble plant stand. With the extra height of the stand, it stands tall and looks extra special taking centre stage on your desk.

Chamaedorea (Parlour Palm)

The Parlour Palm is a super long-lasting plant that looks great on a tabletop. Not only is it air-purifying, but it’s perfect when grouped in a little plant gang. Larger palms are also a great office filler like the Large and XL Areca Palm. These larger-sized plants will help to create the sought-after jungle look in your office.

Air Purifying Bundle

This houseplant bundle looks fab and purifies the air around you. What’s not to love? The Sansevieria Punk, Ficus Benjamina and Snakey Sansevieria are some of our most popular because of their expert purifying abilities. The biggest benefit is that clean air can help you concentrate better and achieve better focus, which can have a positive bearing on your workplace abilities. Bring the outdoors in and experience the wealth of benefits these plants bring by having one on your desk.

Tigris Mini Watering Can & Succulent Gift Set

With little leaf rosettes, the Haworthia is one striking houseplant. It’s known to be a radiation absorber, reducing the harmful effects produced by laptops, computers, printers and other electronic devices. Keep your succulent close to your devices to reduce the amount of radiation that reaches you.

We’ve added a handy mini watering can with this set so you can give your succulents and plants a quick drink whenever it needs one. This should be watered once every 3-4 weeks or so – or whenever the top layers of soil feel dry. Use tepid water in your watering can for best results.

4.     Short on square footage in your office?

If you have less space to play within your office, this doesn’t mean you should avoid having plants altogether. There are plenty of ways to incorporate small office plants into your workspace without feeling like it’s a squeeze. Instead, you can get creative with how you display them.

Think about placing them on shelves or in the centre of meeting tables, and consider other ways of blending them into your workplace with office hanging plants. This could be done easily by putting plants in our on-trend macramé hangers. Adding plants in a communal space can transform a small space and really brighten it up.

At The Little Botanical, we have plants of all sizes, so whether you want to keep the mini or go large, get in touch. If you want to know more or are looking for advice, we will help you find plants to suit your space.

Plant Shelfie Bundle

But first, let me take a ‘shelfie’… If you’ve got an unused shelf in your office or a sideboard that needs a little love, this cute little bundle takes up barely any space at all. Featuring a bestselling mix of succulents and cacti in our stylish grey & copper and black & gold pots, you can bunch them together or spread them out across the room to create little pockets of plant joy. How sweet!

Desk Buddy Plant Gang

Whether you’re working from home or in a communal office, this desk buddy bundle is the perfect way to add some easy-care greenery into your workspace without feeling surrounded and overwhelmed by too many plants. Featuring our Medium Aloe Succulent, Medium Sansevieria Punk and Medium Haworthia, each plant’s a perfect desk companion guaranteed to improve your workspace instantly.

5.     The best low light office plants

Some offices lack natural sunlight – especially if they don’t have windows. Thankfully, there are plenty of low-light office plants to choose from, meaning you don’t have to miss out on building an urban jungle in a dark workspace. Whether you want to brighten up your office, make the most of their health benefits, or find a desk companion that’ll boost your productivity and concentration, we’ve picked out a selection of plants that like shade.

Another great thing about low-light loving plants is that they’re usually easier to care for, meaning you can forget about plant TLC for a while and get on with your to-do list. Winning!

Low-light Loving Plant Basket Bundle

You can probably guess by the name that this easy-care plant bundle’s happy to live in dark office corners or areas of low-light that only get a small amount of natural sunshine. The Sansevieria Snakey and Devil’s Ivy both come in the cutest belly baskets and will transform your workplace into a chic and stylish corner of calm. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by work, spend five minutes pruning and preening these plants. As natural air purifiers, they’ll do you and your colleagues a world of good.


Also known as the ZZ Plant, the Zamioculcas is a fab plant to invite into your workspace as it’s one of the easiest indoor office plants to care for. That’s because its shiny, hardy leaves are willing to be somewhat neglected. The plant can also last for weeks – if not months – without water. And if you work in a dark workplace, you’re in luck. The Zamio is pretty happy to be placed in a room without much light. As long as you keep it out of the way of draughts and radiators, it’ll be your faithful desk companion for many months to come.

Large Dracaena in Ceramic 

Create an urban jungle in your workspace with the big, leafy green Dracaena. It’s not only gorgeous to look at, but this beautiful botanical is a dream to look after. It’ll instantly transform your office with its bright green leaves and likes a shadier spot, so it’s great for rooms that don’t get much natural sunlight. Pop it in your reception so that it’s the first thing visitors see when they walk into the building.

6. Big Botanicals for your office

Our range of large houseplants is just perfect for the office environment. Not only will they add a lush, jungle vibe to your workspace, they’ll also act as natural barriers between work stations or aisle dividers to mark out walkways. Have a little browse at our large houseplant collection for some green inspo. We’ve also picked out two below.

XL Yucca

This gorgeous plant with its striking sword-shaped leaves is a great office companion. Measuring up to 1.5m tall, it’s also a great botanical to green up a dark corner or act as an office divider. This low maintenance houseplant will love keeping you company in your workspace.

XL Lemon and Lime Dracaena

Big and vibrant, this gorgeous green beauty will add colour to your office. It is easy to care for and is happy in slightly darker areas, so works perfectly for greening up workspaces.

Hopefully, we’ve opened your eyes to the variety of plants you could select for your workspace. Ultimately, whatever your style, green-fingered ability or workplace layout is, plants bring numerous benefits that everyone can enjoy. And if you’ve not quite made it back to the office yet, then take a look at our guide to the best home office plants.

Let us know how our office plants guide has helped you to use plants in your office. We love to see your greenery. Feel free to share some photos and tag us on Instagram!

And if you were wondering how green our office is at TLB HQ… Yes, it’s rather jungle-like. Here’s a sneak peek!