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Green University Gifts

Our Pick of the Best Plants to Take to Uni

6 September 2023 | Green Inspiration

As September comes into view, many of us are preparing for change. As the seasons begin to transition from summer to autumn, children are heading back to school to start their new academic year. Some are even flying the nest for the first time as they embark on their university years.

If your child is preparing to start university, you may well be looking for that perfect gift to send them off with. In addition to as much pasta and jarred sauces as you can cram into the car, you’re probably also looking for something a little more heartfelt. The good news is – you’re in the right place.

Sending your loved one on their way with a green beauty or two in tow is a fab idea. Now, we all know that being a fresher is a lot of fun, but all the partying can sometimes interfere with brain power and focus when it comes to studying. Thank goodness for the brain power and focus-boosting abilities of plants. Encourage any new student to style their space with these green beauties and they’ll be nailing all aspects of student life in no time.



Take a look at team TLB’s top picks of the best plants to take to university. With a few carefully selected green beauties in place, their student digs will be full of focus-boosting, air-purifying, green style in no time.

‘Off to University’ Gifts: The Plant Edit

Desk Plants

So, your fresher is getting ready to start university and this exciting new chapter is likely to go hand in hand with an increase in workload. Did you know that a little potted plant or two will make the perfect study buddy? Gift them a little green friend to pop on their desk to help them settle into university life with ease.

Plants are natural air-purifiers, removing toxins from the air and replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen. Studies have shown that incorporating plants in your environment can help to relieve headaches, reduce stress and increase productivity. We’re sure those keen students out there would love a bit of that plant power to help get their university career off to a flying start. Here are some of our top plant picks to help give you a productivity boost. We think they should be on every university packing list.


The Desk Buddy Plant Gang

The name here is a bit of a giveaway! Just to spell it out, this fab little bundle of easy-care succulents are perfect desk plants. Not so big that they’ll get in the way and not so hard to care for that they’ll add stress. They look pretty good too. Simply perfect as pretty little stress-relievers.



Mini Air-Purifying Desk Gang

Another fab gang of low-maintenance, air-purifying plants that are perfect for the corner of a desk or nestled on a bookshelf. This little quartet of mini air-purifying plants potted in oh-so-chic bespoke ceramics are the perfect addition to your student quarters.



Plant Shelfie Bundle and Pretty Shelfie Bundle

Perhaps your student has a shelf in their study space that’s just crying out for some green love. Take a look at these oh-so-cute shelfie bundles. They’ll inject the perfect pop of green for an instant injection of stress reduction.



Super Succulents

Succulents are an excellent choice for studying companions. They come in small packages so they’re not too imposing on a desk or in a small study space (bedrooms in halls of residence aren’t renowned for their roominess!). They’re also super easy to care for so they won’t add to stress levels. We have three succulent sets that we just love. Any one of them would make a fabulously thoughtful university gift for a friend or loved one.



The Back to Black Candle and Succulent Gift Set pairs a gorgeous Haworthia succulent with our bespoke Pomegranate & Berry candle. The eye-catching plant and gorgeously scented candle are the perfect duo to help your budding student create a cosy and tranquil atmosphere in their term-time home.



Gift a new student these stunning, stylish and easy-care succulents to help them style up their space with the Succulent Plant Gang. This trio is super easy-going, they’ll only need a drink once every 3 to 4 weeks. This means they’ll slot easily into a hectic student schedule.



The Zab Plant Mister and Succulent Gift Set combines an eye-catching Haworthia succulent potted in a bespoke metallic-dipped ceramic with our coordinating Zab plant mister in copper or gold. An oh-so-stylish accessory for any student bedroom.



Green Student Style

If you’re looking for something a little larger to brighten up your loved one’s student accommodation, check out these plant picks.

Spider Plant

This retro green beauty brings all the botanical style and is super easy to look after as well so, he won’t prove to be a distraction whilst studying. These tropical beauties also produce little spider plant babies that can be shared with new friends! If space is tight in their new home, pop him in our fab, space-saving macramé plant hanger.


Large Monstera (Moss Pole)

This vibrant, leafy beauty is perfect for brightening up a student’s bedroom and makes a fab plant companion. He is easy to look after and will grow with your budding scholar, keeping them company for years to come.


Personalised Pots

Make them feel extra special with a completely unique gift they can treasure while they are away. You can now personalise a range of our bespoke ceramics with a message of your choice. This individual gift is bound to help keep homesickness at bay as they settle into their new life.



Plants That Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

As your loved one settles into student life, they’ll undoubtedly be juggling their studies with plenty of socialising. Help them to avoid sleepless nights and ensure they get a restful sleep once they get to bed by gifting them a green beauty that works the night shift. You will be helping to aid a night of sound sleep.

Hardworking, air-purifying plants will work tirelessly through the night to purify and detox the air around them helping us to get a better night’s sleep. Even the colour green is thought to be calming and therapeutic. So what accessories could be better than gorgeous green plants for styling a student bedroom? If you love this idea as much as we do, read our top tips for styling your bedroom with indoor plants

Our favourite picks for a botanical bedroom are the stunning, tropical Areca Palm and the gorgeously tranquil Peace Lily. Or go big on the green vibes with the Air-Purifying Bundle. All will make a fab style statement and turn their bedroom into a sleep-inducing, botanical bliss.



Reclaim Your Home

So, now we’ve covered which plants to choose to help your loved one settle into university life, let’s talk about you. We get that you might be feeling a little strange now that your nest is empty. What better way to take your mind off it than with a little green retail therapy. Why not treat yourself to some new greenery to breathe some fresh life into your home and give yourself something different to look after. And unlike child-rearing, caring for plants is actually a very relaxing and de-stressing pastime.

Here are some of our favourite picks of plant companions to inject some fresh, feel-good vibes into your home this September.

Ficus Elastica aka Rubber Plant

A fabulous addition to your indoor jungle; with his deep green, glossy leaves, air purifying qualities and easy-care creds. What’s not to love?



Although, do avoid this plant if you have asthma or a latex allergy.

Sansevieria (Snakey)

For the TLB team, this fab houseplant is a must-have in any indoor jungle. Fondly referred to as Snakey at The Little Botanical HQ, the Sansevieria makes our list of top plants for pretty much any situation. He’s a real treat for the eyes with his spray of upright, two-tone, pointy leaves, he doesn’t take much looking after at all and he’ll work hard purifying the air in your home. He’s also a fab choice if you’re looking for low-light options.



Coconut Palm

The structured nature of the Coconut Palm is perfect for inducing calm and relaxation. He’s the newest member of our TLB family and we just love his graceful presence.



String of Pearls

This oh-so-pretty trailing plant gang boasts an abundance of vines adorned with round, pearl-like leaves. Just gorgeous in our signature grey and copper-dipped ceramic, sitting high up on a shelf.



Scindapsus (Moss Pole)

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, this much-loved climbing beauty brings oodles of style and texture to your plant-scape with its gorgeous, heart-shaped leaves. With undeniable style and easy-care credentials, he’s a fab choice for your indoor jungle.



My Home Bundle

Turn your home into a green oasis in an instant with this best-selling gang of 5 plants and succulents. It’s never been so easy to bring stylish, botanical vibes into your home.


Plant Gang for Newbie Plant Parents

This little trio is perfect if you’re new to plant parenthood, they’ve been carefully selected for their winning combination of good looks, laidback nature and ability to tolerate a little neglect.



Plant Care Bundle

This is the perfect bundle to treat yourself to alongside your new green beauties. With these stylish and functional plant care accessories close at hand, you’ll have no problem keeping your new plants happy and healthy.



Plant Stand Table

Make a real feature of your new plants with this stunning plant table. This contemporary table, made from sustainable mango wood and featuring accents of black metal and copper, has been designed to compliment your TLB greenery perfectly. This gorgeous piece will give you all the chic interior feels and bring an effortless elegance to your home.



And that brings our rundown of the best plants to wish your loved one luck at university to an end. We hope we’ve left you feeling inspired to send them on their way with a thoughtful and useful plant companion. Don’t forget to treat yourself to help keep those empty-nester blues at bay too! As ever, if you have any questions, do get in touch at [email protected]. And we’ll catch you next time for more indoor plant news and inspiration.


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