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Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients

Are you on the lookout for unique gift ideas for employees, colleagues or clients? Look no further than The Little Botanical, explore our wide range of gorgeous greenery and you’re sure to find the perfect present. Whether you want to boost morale with personalised desk buddies, wish someone well with a thoughtful gift set, or simply say thank you with an elegant green beauty, we’ve got you covered.

We might be biased, but indoor plants, succulents and cacti really are a great choice for employee, colleague and client presents. Not only will they last longer than fresh-cut flowers, but they also make a sustainable alternative to hampers, and thanks to our gorgeous selection of stylish ceramics and stoneware, they’re beautifully presented too.

So, what are you waiting for? Build a happy workplace and show your team some love by sending them a gorgeous gift of green. Perhaps your team has been working above & beyond lately and you’d like to show your gratitude, or maybe you’d like to mark an employee’s big life event or simply boost morale. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got something for you. To make it super simple, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite options. Keep reading to discover our selections, with choices for all tastes and budgets.

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Make it Personal with Bespoke Corporate Presents

Succulents and cacti make ideal gift ideas for employees. They are super-easy to care for, require little maintenance, brighten up a desk & office space, and can now be personalised making them truly bespoke!

A selection of our signature, metallic-dipped ceramic pots can be personalised. You might choose to add the individual names of each team member to make it truly personal, add a positive team message, or simply opt for your company name. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a truly unique gift with a hint of luxury.

Here are some of our favourite picks from our range of succulents and cacti.

Miranda Succulent

The Miranda succulent is available in two sizes; mini and medium. With his distinctive, bright green leaves and flower-like, spiky structure, he’s sure to delight your team.


With his recognisable, zebra-like stripes, the Haworthia will make a striking addition dotted around the desks in your workplace.

Sansevieria Punk

Punk by name, punk by nature! This funky beauty; the Sansevieria Punk will add oodles of interest and style and is sure to bring a smile to the faces of your lucky team members.


Also known as a Ghost Succulent, the stunning Lilacina is an oh-so-pretty option to delight your team members.

Aloe Succulent

This little succulent is as hard-working as your team. Not only will this Aloe Succulent look fab nestled on their desks, he’ll also work hard purifying the air too.


Also known as a Jade Plant, the Crassula is known for his abundance of gorgeous green, petal-like leaves that gives him the appearance of a mini-tree, just lovely.

Gift Sets

Here at TLB we have used our years of experience and love of all things green to create a collection of gift sets that are perfect for many different occasions. When it comes to corporate gifts and the milestones that might require a thoughtful colleague present, we have a reliable selection of options to choose from. From thank you gifts to well done gift ideas for employees right through to retirement gifts and more, read on to discover our favourite gift ideas for work colleagues and clients.

As we said before, succulents and cacti make wonderful workplace gifts because they are so easy to look after yet look so good on the edge of a desk. A number of our gift sets allow you to up-style your succulents by combining them with our stylish range of accessories. These are ready-made luxury gift ideas for employees or clients that they are sure to love.

Heart Succulent and Watering Can Gift Set

If you’re looking for a maternity leave present, this gift set could be just the ticket. Pairing a gorgeous Hoya Kerrii Double Heart with the stylish yet functional copper watering can, is a thoughtful way to send some love to the new mum and her precious bundle.

Mini Watering Can and Succulent Gift Set

This dapper little pairing would be ideal for any number of occasions, but we think it would work particularly well for a work anniversary gift. The easy-care succulent in our metallic-dipped pots matches the watering can perfectly and make a stylish gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

Plant Mister and Succulent Gift Set

Another winning combination that sees the distinctively spiky Haworthia paired with our metallic plant mister, look no further for super easy congratulations gifting.

Succulent Duo and Coaster Bundle

Be the employer of their dreams with this bundle which pairs not one but two succulents with a set of 4 mango wood coasters. As corporate gifts go, this is generous and unique. Brighten up their desks with the greenery and provide them somewhere to place their morning cuppa, fabulous.

Succulent Duo and Chocolate Gift Set

You’ll totally make their day, whatever the occasion, with this gift set – indoor plants are great, but indoor plants with chocolate are superb! And what fabulous chocolate it is; supplied by the amazing charity ARTHOUSE Unlimited, it is made from sustainably sourced cocoa and packaged in reusable and recyclable materials – did we mention it’s delicious too?!

Create Your Own Bundle

If you love the idea of creating gifts for clients or gifts for teams that include chocolate, you might want to create your own gifting bundle by combining a bar of the ARTHOUSE Unlimited luxury chocolate with any one of our individual plants. With a choice of four mouth-watering flavours, you’ll be able to create the perfect bundle just for them. Alternatively, you might want to consider including something from our range of accessories instead of (or as well as!) a bar of chocolate.

Here are some of the individual plants that the TLB team would recommend considering as a starting point to build your own corporate gift/s.

The beautiful Calathea, also known as the Prayer Plant thanks to his gentle prayer-like movement at dawn and dusk, makes a stunning focal point for any plant bundle.

Sansevieria or Snakey is an all-time fave here at TLB. He’s featured on our lists of must-have plants for any number of situations including offices. So, what better plant to choose as part of a corporate gifting bundle? The iconic, upright, vibrant leaves cut a striking figure wherever this plant is displayed. He’s a top-notch air purifier too – the gift that keeps on giving!

Because the last thing we want to do is burden our teams with tricky green beauties, we’re providing plenty of low-maintenance choices in this rundown of plant picks. And the Zamioculcas or ZZ Plant more than fits the bill here. This gorgeous green beauty can be practically ignored and will still be resolutely green and gorgeous. A perfect option for any team members who aren’t so green-fingered.

Another air-purifying beauty is the wonderfully serene Peace Lily. The contrast of the white spathes against the green leaves is a stunning sight to behold and one that your lucky recipient is sure to appreciate.

And our final pick of the bunch is the beautiful and rather distinguished Blue Star Fern, with his cool and interesting good looks, this gorgeous guy will make a fabulous gift all by himself, or as part of a bundle.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our top plant gift ideas for employees and clients. If you have any questions at all about our corporate gifting options, or would like to talk to us about helping you create a special corporate order, please do get in touch at [email protected] or give us a call on 01243 756240, we’d love to help.

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