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At TLB we’ve become known for our pots as much as our plants thanks to our signature style. As a result, we now have an expanded range of homewares to help make your indoor plants stand out, with perfectly complementing accessories and baskets as well as stylish watering cans to keep them looking fresh.

This collection is perfect if you’re looking for the ideal present for your plant-loving friend or an extra little something to match the botanical in your basket.

Belly baskets

Our natural belly baskets come in four different sizes, so you can find one to match your indoor plant. Their half natural and half black colours help to make our greenery pop and keep your look earthy while still looking chic.

Watering cans and misters

Don’t let watering feel like a chore, and instead give your tasks a glow-up with our gleaming copper or gold watering cans and misters. They go from being a household tool to a decorative item in themselves, that you’re proud to display on any shelf or windowsill.

Mango wood styling

We love mango wood thanks to its sustainability and beautiful colour and grain. We’ve created a few items that feature this material to pair with our plants or to be used in rooms alongside our botanicals. Take our plant stand table – with black metal legs, a mango wood base and copper top, this piece of furniture can fit in so many spaces and easily be a feature-piece.

Luxury candles

The latest addition to TLB is our limited range of luxury candles, offering a range of gorgeous scents that are sure to relax you and create an inviting atmosphere. They even come in our glazed pots so once you’re finished with them, you can reuse them in your home. They are one of our new go-to presents for all our friends!

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