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Best Indoor Plants

Chosen by Us

2 August 2023 | Green Inspiration

This week here at The Little Botanical HQ, Team TLB have put our heads together to bring you our guide to the best indoor plants in our range, according to us!

We know that plant preferences are very personal. Everyone likes different things for different reasons and no two people are looking for exactly the same thing from their botanical décor.

That’s why this week, we’re picking the brains of the TLB crew. Their favourite indoor houseplant picks just might bring you the inspiration you’ve been looking for to brighten up that empty corner or to gift to that special someone.

They’ll be sharing some of their top plant care tips too. Keeping those green beauties happy and healthy is always top of mind here!

The Dream Team

So, in order to bring you this week’s top tips and inspired picks, we’ve gathered our very own fab four. Meet Morag, our co-founder, Louisa who works across customer services and new product development, Trista, our account manager and Julie from customer services.

Keep reading to find out all about the team’s top picks; indoor plant inspiration incoming…

What is your favourite indoor houseplant from our range?

Now we realise this is a tricky question. It’s so hard to pick just one favourite indoor plant from our fab range of British-grown houseplants. However, these ladies did come up with the goods and picked out some corkers.

Louisa chose the Big Zamioculcas as her fave and what a mighty fine choice. This big guy tops Louisa’s list thanks to his plethora of green, glossy leaves, added to the fact that he’s super easy to care for as well. What’s not to love?

The laidback Zamioculcas, also known as a ZZ Plant, is very tolerant of neglect. He’s able to cope with very little light and only needs watering once every 3 weeks or so. And styled in our signature cotton and seagrass belly basket, he packs a punch in the style stakes too.

The Satin Pothos is Trista’s favourite as she loves his silvery and green leaves and the fact that he’s a trailing beauty. She recommends popping him on a high shelf to enjoy the beautiful, cascading view.

Another low-maintenance indoor plant, a Satin Pothos will thrive in a spot with plenty of indirect sunlight. It only needs a drink once the top layer of soil has dried out. If this green beauty has tickled your fancy, check out our handy plant care guide to give you all the info you need to keep him looking his best.

Available in a mini and a medium, Morag’s top plant pick is the gorgeous Peperomia Rotundifolia. Another trailing beauty, Morag loves to watch him grow and grow.

As well as fabulous trailing foliage, this plant also has easy-care credentials going for him. He only needs a drink every 10 to 14 days once his soil has dried out. Pop him in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight to keep him happy. For a full rundown on how to keep this guy looking fabulously fresh, check out our useful care guide.

If structured style is right up your street, then Julie’s favourite botanical could be yours too. She’s chosen the oh-so-fabulous Sansevieria Spikey as her top indoor plant. He’s super easy to look after and she loves his architectural good looks too.

This guy will only need a drink once every few weeks when the soil has become dry to the touch. His easy-going nature means he’ll enjoy a bright spot but he will tolerate a shadier spot too.

What is your favourite pot from our range?

Here at TLB our aim has always been to provide the full package when it comes to our plants. That’s why all of our botanicals come with a stylish ceramic or belly basket as standard. This makes it oh-so-simple for you to bring gorgeous, green style into your homes. Because nobody wants plastic growing pots or ill-fitting ceramics ruining their gorgeous green view!

To keep on track with different style trends and to offer plenty of choice to suit different tastes, there are now quite a few different pots to choose from in the TLB range. So, we thought we’d ask our experts which ones are their favourite. You might discover something you haven’t noticed or considered before…

The concrete pots top Louisa’s list for styling indoor plants. She loves their rustic, tactile nature of these ceramics and the colour, which she feels works anywhere in her home, bringing a stylishly cool vibe.

Channelling the super on-trend Barbie vibes, Trista has picked out the gorgeous pink ceramic from our limited-edition summer pot range.

Morag can’t get enough of the almond stoneware pots as they go with everything!

And finally, Julie couldn’t narrow it down to just one choice (we can hardly blame her!). She has chosen the marble plant pot with stand for a classic look that complements some vibrant greenery beautifully as well as the copper bullet stand, which brings some trendy warmth to any room.

What indoor plant would you buy for yourself right now?

Every now and again we all need to give ourselves a little love and sometimes retail therapy is just the thing to brighten our mood and cheer ourselves up. If you’re in the market for a little green self-love, then let our team inspire you with their of-the-moment choices.

Louisa is another member of the team who’s feeling all the pretty-in-pink Barbie vibes right now. She’s currently lusting after the Pretty Shelfie Bundle, a cute collection of 5 succulents and cacti all potted in our pretty pink and copper bespoke ceramics. This soft pink gang will brighten up a dusty shelf perfectly.

You might be getting the vibe that the TLB team have gone a bit nuts for the pink theme, and you’d be right! Trista is dreaming of styling the beautifully striking Begonia Beleaf in the pink summer pot on her coffee table to brighten up her flat. We are proud to say that these beautifully bright botanicals are part of our British-grown indoor houseplant range. They’re grown right here on the TLB nursery and are part of our all-new peat-free houseplant range too.

Morag was recently involved in a photoshoot for the TLB giftboxes, which really whetted her appetite for these fabulous products. She’s particularly excited by the Digital De-tox & De-stress Gift Box. This pairs some carefully chosen Wanderflower relaxing beauty products with a gorgeous, air-purifying Mini Miranda succulent in a pretty pink ceramic. What a perfect way to give yourself the gift of ultimate relaxation.

Julie is currently feeling an affinity to the Peace Lily who droops dramatically to show you he needs a drink. The warm weather makes Julie feel the same way!

What would you buy for a friend from the TLB range?

Finding the perfect gift for a green-fingered friend can prove to be trickier than you first anticipate. There are so many gorgeous plants to choose from and selecting one that your friend will love which will also complement their décor can be quite a challenge. Fear not, the TLB team are here with their top gifting picks to bring you some much-needed inspo.

Louisa thinks that the Watering Can & Calathea Gift Set makes a perfect go-to gift for a special someone. The Calathea is beautifully striking with gorgeously patterned leaves and the addition of a super handy and stylish watering can really does take this gift up a notch on the wow factor scale.

Trista would send her lucky friend the Calathea potted in the textured grey pot. She loves the bold patterns on this statement indoor plant and as an added bonus, he is pet-friendly too so any furry friends in your pal’s household will be happy as well!

Morag would choose the Tigris Mini Watering Can & Succulent Gift Set for her lucky friend. She thinks this gift set makes a perfect present. Mini plants with a perfectly paired accessory is sure to put a smile on their face. We couldn’t agree more!

The candle and plant gift sets top Julie’s list of gifting ideas for a loved one. What’s not to love about a cute easy-care succulent in a bespoke ceramic paired with a beautifully fragranced candle, hand-poured into a matching pot. Julie’s number one choice would be the Forever Green Candle Gift Set as she adores the uplifting Wild Fig & Ginger fragrance.

What are your top indoor plant care tips?

Now, it won’t surprise you to know that these ladies are pretty clued up on all things house plant related. We couldn’t let them go without them imparting some of their top tips for keeping your beloved houseplants happy and healthy.

Read on for their 5 top tips for keeping your plants looking tip-top.

  1. Get to know their watering schedule. The majority of houseplants prefer to be under-watered rather than overwatered. Always remove any excess water from the bottom of the ceramic. Leafy indoor plants like ferns will need watering about once a week. Succulents can be left for up to 3 weeks in between drinks.
  2. The majority of plants like bright, indirect sunlight so position them in a spot with good light but away from the direct glare of the sun, especially in these summer months.
  3. Rotate your plants monthly to encourage a lovely, even shape as they grow.
  4. Don’t be afraid to give your indoor plants a tidy-up. It’s ok to trim away any old and yellowing leaves or any long and straggly vines. A little tidy-up will keep your plant looking fresh and healthy and promote new growth.
  5. For any taller plants like a Monstera, use a moss pole or a cane to help guide your plant’s growth and keep him upright.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about the team’s top picks of plants and accessories. As ever, if you have any questions, please do get in touch at [email protected], we’re always happy to chat indoor plants!

Until next time plant people.

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