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Top interior design tips and tricks for using plants in your home

Today we have a fab guest blog from our interior design friends at The Living House.

It’s no secret that at The Living House we love plants and interior design! Whether in our own homes or in schemes for our customers, we feel that no room is complete without a plant (or two or three!).

Over the past few years, plants have made a very welcome comeback into our lives as we look to reconnect with nature, and benefit from their calming presence in our homes. More and more we are seeing people consider house plants not just as an accessory or an after thought, but as an integral part of the interior design, giving them as much thought as a piece of furniture or artwork. Popping a couple of tired plants on your windowsill and hoping for the best just won’t cut it anymore!

At The Living House we love to think creatively about how to use plants, to get the most from them and to integrate them into our designs. “When our customers tell us they feel something is missing and their room doesn’t feel cosy, it can often be fixed by adding the fresh colour, leafy softness and organic texture of a plant” says Becky Dyson, Design Director at The Living House. The vibrant, diverse and ever-changing shapes of plants complement all interior design styles. From the beautiful large Fiddle Leaf Fig with its paddle shaped leaves to the tiny heart shaped leaf of the Hoya Kerrii, plants are so versatile and really help to make your home feel unique and welcoming.

There are endless ways to add plants to your home but what’s the best way? Well, thanks to our friends at The Little Botanical, we can share with you our top interior design tips and tricks to freshen up your space with some beautiful living greenery.

Play with different heights and sizes

First up, take a good look at your room and look for gaps between your furniture and accessories, and where a plant would fit. You want to make the most of all your vertical and horizontal spaces. “Buy a plant with a space in mind, rather than just because you liked it” recommends Sophie Clemson, founder of The Living House. “Go for a range of plants with different heights and textures and arrange in groups – threes are always pleasing to the eye.” Look to create a balance of different heights and leaf shapes to create an interesting arrangement. For maximum interior design impact, try to layer plants together – a trailing String of Hearts with a big leafy Monstera and a spiky architectural Snakey – and display them in a group for an indoor jungle look.

Images: The Little Botanical

Add a plant to your coffee table

Your coffee table is a great place to showcase a small plant. If you are concerned about putting a plant directly on your wooden table, try using a tray underneath. This is something we love to do at The Living House as it is perfect for effortlessly grouping a collection of accessories. It makes your coffee table (or even your bed) look super stylish and pulled together. A Haworthia would be an ideal small plant to use, with its stunning zebra-like stripes, this tough little succulent will add interest and style a plenty.

Images: The Little Botanical

Trailing plants will make your bookshelves come alive!

If you want to elevate the look of your shelves, plants are a must. Trailing plants like the Philodendron with attractive heart shaped leaves, look particularly good on shelves and help draw your eye from shelf to shelf. Plants add a softness and freshness to your shelves, helping to fill the gaps and stop the books and ornaments from feeling too rigid. Try placing plants on different shelves and stagger them across the length for a pleasing asymmetrical look, bringing pops of greenery and life to your shelves.

Left image: The Living House | Right image: The Little Botanical

Give your plants a boost of height

If your plant is yet to grow into the large statement plant of your dreams, try tricking the eye and increasing its size in other ways. You could raise the plant up on a plant stand by using the stylish tall marble plant stand with pot. It’s a great way to turn your plant into a sculptural piece with real impact in the room.

Alternatively you could stack a few books together and place your plant pot on top. This is an easy way to create height and will help you achieve the layered look with plants and accessories at different heights.

Images: The Little Botanical

Hang plants from the ceiling – great if you’re running out of floor space

Whether your room is big or small, don’t forget to look up! Make the most of trailing plants by hanging them from the ceiling with a Macrame plant hanger. It’s the perfect way to create more floor space, and show off your plant, turning it into a cascading focal point. We love how hanging your plants draws your attention upwards and can make your ceiling feel higher. “A great plant to hang in a Macrame hanger would be a Tradescantia. Its variegated leaves have strokes of pink that literally look like an artist painted them” says Catherine Seagrave, Design Director at The Living House. Try it for a beautiful pop of colour in the corner of your room!

Left image: The Little Botanical | Right image: The Living House

Top budget tip – fill an empty space with a plant

Empty corners in a room can make your home feel unfinished and a bit soulless. It may be that you are saving up for the perfect armchair, or you just haven’t decided on the style of sideboard you want yet, but rather than living with the boring empty space, consider adding a large potted plant in the corner of your room. It will instantly bring purpose and life to the space and help brighten it, bringing the room together. And the larger the plant, the more it will fill the visual void!

Images: The Little Botanical

Make your plant the statement

Every room needs a statement, a hero piece. It could be a large piece of artwork, an amazing pendant light, or it could be a fantastically large plant! Think of it like adding a large, tree size plant in the corner to really elevate your room design. A gorgeous large Bird of Paradise or XL Yucca Palm would look striking and vibrant as a focal point for your interior design. Using plants in an architectural way instantly transforms your space and makes it feel designed and considered.

Left image: The Little Botanical | Right image: The Living House

Think about the pot

The plant pot you choose is almost as important as the plant! It can really add to your interior, whether you’re looking for a pop of colour, something with texture, or a classy metallic finish. A woven basket is perfect for bringing a natural feel to a Scandi living room, or a concrete pot would be great in a minimalist contemporary scheme. Or you could swap the pot for the different seasons – maybe something bright and fresh for the summer, and darker and richer for the winter months. The choice is yours!

Left image: The Little Botanical | Right image: The Living House

Create a bathroom oasis

Bathrooms are full of smooth hard surfaces – the sink, bath, glass shower screen and tiles. They are often cool neutral colours, and can feel pretty cold and clinical. What they are crying out for is a bit of natural texture and colour, and plants are a fantastic way to introduce some organic shapes and interest!

As spaces with high humidity, bathrooms make the perfect environment for many plants, and they can help create that spa-like feel. Give it a go with an Urban Jungle Bundle on the windowsill, the bespoke Bathroom Plant Bundle from The Little Botanical or a large Areca Palm by the bath for some tropical escapism.

Images: The Little Botanical

So, there you have some of our favourite tips and tricks for using plants successfully in your home.

If you are feeling inspired, take-a-look at how The Living House can help you with all aspects of your interior, offering easy, friendly, and personal interior design help. And you might be surprised at just how affordable our design packages are – starting at only £295! Check out our website for more information, as well as Instagram @the_living_house and @thelittlebotanical for more inspiration and tips. We’d love to chat to you soon!

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