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Summer Edit: A Guide to Easy Indoor Plants

As we move through August, there’s no denying that summer is well and truly blooming, so this week we’re having a look at some easy indoor plants in our summer collection. If you’re looking to add to or even start your indoor jungle this season, then low-maintenance plants are a fab choice for this time of year for so many reasons.

Easy-care Houseplants Because the Weather is Warm

During the warmer summer months, many plants will require a little more TLC to help them cope with the higher temperatures. So, if you’re looking to add one or two new green beauties to your indoor jungle during the summer, we’d recommend taking a look at some more easy-care options. That way, you’ll be able to adjust slowly to the care requirements of your new botanical buddy or buddies, making sure they bring you serenity rather than stress.

Easy Indoor Plants for Newbie Plant Parents

It seems like an obvious statement, but if you’re new to plant parenthood and you want to grow your plant collection, then easy indoor plant options are the best option. This stands true at any time of the year as it makes sense to start your plant care journey with low-maintenance options. You can steadily increase your care requirements as your knowledge and expertise increase. And as we said above, indoor plants often need a bit more attention during the summer so it makes even more sense to choose low-maintenance options during the summer.

Easy Houseplants as Gifts

Summer birthdays, housewarming gifts, anniversaries, gifts for your host… whatever the occasion, an easy-care plant makes a thoughtful and gorgeous gift in the summertime. Plants make a lovely little gift; they last longer than cut flowers, they bring a whole host of air purifying and detoxifying benefits and they are bang on trend as a stylish home accessory too. There really is no better choice to say thank you, I love you or happy birthday.

And to make your gift even more unique, check out our new personalisation service. You can personalise our plants and get them delivered to the lucky recipient! Matched with our signature metallic pots, the beautiful text really stands out. They’re the perfect present for that friend or relative who has everything, or if you want to send a special message.

The Little Botanical’s Top Picks of Low Maintenance Houseplants

The Big Dracaena

A big, leafy statement plant that will pack a real punch in your interior style. The bright green, stripy leaves bring a vibrancy that is just perfect for summer and they contrast perfectly with our gorgeous grey ceramic or signature belly basket. And of course, he is wonderfully low maintenance too, needing only a little bit of water every 10 to 14 days once his soil is dry on top. If you’re after an even bigger statement, the XL Lemon and Lime Dracaena could be the guy for you. This statement plant will make a brilliant botanical impact and brings all the easy-care attributes of his smaller brother.

The Big Dracaena, £49

XL Lemon and Lime Dracaena, £155

The Ficus Elastica

This green beauty is not only stunning and easy to look after, he’s also a top scorer when it comes to air purifying. His distinctive glossy green leaves will make a fab style statement in your home but, he is also known as the Rubber Plant because he has white latex in his leaves meaning you should avoid this guy if you have asthma or a latex allergy.

For an even bigger style statement check out the XL Ficus Elastica, all the same easy-care, air purifying credentials just in a bigger package.

The Ficus Elastica, £22

XL Ficus Elastica, £135

Devil’s Ivy Marble Queen

This stunner is so popular we sometimes struggle to keep him in stock – but he’s available now so get him while you can. It’s easy to see why this beauty is such a popular choice; combining trailing beauty with air purifying power and easy-care creds, what’s not to love about this awesome guy. And when he comes in a choice of our oh-so-stylish TLB bespoke ceramics he really is a sight to behold. Pop him on a shelf, watch those gorgeous, marbled leaves trail beautifully and prepare to swoon.

Devil’s Ivy Marble Queen, £18.50

Summer Loving Duo

If you haven’t seen them yet, you need to take a look at our summer collection of pots. Elevate your summer style with a range of our TLB plants in simply fabulous, bright and colourful ceramics. One of our favourite products in the range is the Summer Loving Duo. This fab set pairs a Yucca in a green ceramic with a Zamioculcas in a pink ceramic. A stunning, easy-care pair that will instantly and effortlessly add a pop of summer fun to your interiors.

Summer Loving Duo, £41


Structural style at its best, the trendy Yucca tree will add an unrivalled majestic air to your interior. Available in a choice of ceramics from neutral to bright, you’re sure to find one to reflect your own personal style. And this guy only needs water once every couple of weeks so there is nothing too taxing involved in keeping this tree happy.

Yucca, £25


What a beauty this guy is, also known as a Devil’s Ivy, this plant is often seen as a trailing beauty. However, his gorgeous greenery is wonderfully versatile and so this particular option is designed to add vertical texture and interest thanks to the moss pole planted with him in his bespoke ceramic, allowing him to climb rather than trail. Simply stunning.

Scindapsus (Moss Pole), £33

Light Loving Indoor Plants

As well as considering low-maintenance plants for this time of year, given that the days are longer it’s also a good opportunity to take a look at plants that love light. So, these next picks are not only easy to look after but they also enjoy lots of lovely sunlight making them super choices for the summer months.

But first though, here are a few things to look out for just in case you’re worried your plant isn’t getting enough light. If that is the case you will start to notice some of the following symptoms and you should move your green beauty closer to a source of natural light.

Signs that your indoor plant isn’t getting enough light:

  • Paling or yellowing leaves
  • Leggy stem growth (the plant is stretching towards the light source)
  • Lack of new growth
  • Abnormally small leaves
  • Soil taking longer than normal to dry out

Now you know what to look out for in terms of light requirements for your light-loving plants, here are some of our favourite easy-care, light-loving options to choose from.


Also known as a Snake Plant, this gorgeous green beauty is one of the most low-maintenance plants you’ll come across. With his upright leaves in vibrant green, his striking good looks are hard to beat. Simply pop him in a bright spot and give him water sparingly, this guy will tolerate some neglect so he definitely works as an option for newbie plant parents.

And for some extra summer vibes, you can currently get your hands on double the stylish, air-purifying goodness with our Summer Purifying Duo; a pair of Snakey’s in our limited edition colourful summer ceramics, get them before they’re gone for a fab pop of summery colour!

Sansevieria, £23

Summer Purifying Duo, £45


Also known affectionately as the Sweetheart Plant thanks to his distinctive, heart-shaped leaves, the Philodendron is a wonderfully easy-care, light-loving plant for beginners and well-practised plant parents alike. He is a fast-growing, trailing beauty so you won’t have to wait for long to be rewarded with a gorgeous sight of trailing leaves. And whatever your interior style we will have a fab option for you. Choose from our range of stylishly understated ceramics in almond, charcoal or grey, or for the ultimate in summer chic, check out our Philodendron in a marble plant stand.

Philodendron, £20.50

Philodendron in a marble plant stand, £42


As an exotic, tropical plant, it’s not surprising that the Strelitzia, also known as the Bird of Paradise, likes a bright spot. It might feel surprising that a plant of such showstopping stature doesn’t require more full-on care but this beauty will flourish in a bright spot with water once a week. Leaving you time to sit back and admire the beautiful, paddle-shaped leaves on this striking indoor plant.

XL Strelitzia Bird of Paradise, £155


Succulents and cacti are perhaps the ultimate in easy-care, light-loving plant options. They will thrive in bright direct light and can survive several weeks without water.

Here at TLB, we are particularly fond of our succulents planted in our marble collection, a range of elegant and luxurious pots in white marble. The contrast of the natural greenery against the classic white of the pots will instantly update and refresh your interiors, just fabulous at any time of the year, especially in the summer.

Add interest and style with the large Haworthia in our short marble stand or perhaps the Marble Trio Succulent House will suit your style more. Either way, they will bring an abundance of easy-care elegance and charm to your space just in time for summer.

Large Haworthia Marble Plant Stand, £38

Marble Trio Succulent House, £42

We hope you’ve enjoyed this handy little guide to low-maintenance and easy indoor plants, perfect for summer. Here’s hoping it will make your summer plant styling a breeze. If you have any questions at all about our easy-care plants, please do get in touch at [email protected], we’re more than happy to help


Until next time plant tribe.

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