Spring Purifying Duo

Spring Purifying Duo


What’s not to love about this gorgeous pair of Sanseveria Snakey’s, potted in our limited edition spring collection ceramics.

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Not only am I so easy to care for, I also clean around you and remove all those toxins.

This gorgeous duo of Sansevieria Snakey's are native to Africa and Madagascar so thrive in warmer conditions and love bright light but will be quite happy in partially shaded areas. They also don’t mind a little neglect so you can enjoy their presence without worrying about them needing too much care. Arriving with our brand new spring collection ceramic pots, we are sure the Snake plant will look marvellous in your home. Just pop them on a coffee table or side board and enjoy watching these guys grow.

This little guy also has countless health benefits, it’s a great feng shui plant providing helpful energy when needed. It also gets busy while you’re sleeping and absorbs CO2 and other toxins at night which makes it particularly good in the bedroom!

A stylish duo of Sansevieria Snakey's in spring collection ceramics makes this guy a unique gift or self-gift – we know you’re going to love him!

Stylish, fresh and unique – just perfect if you’re looking to add some colour to desk or coffee table. This statement pair is a gorgeous addition to your home, a new favourite in Team TLB. Arriving popped into our spring collection ceramic pots, making this a complete package and a ready to go gift, we’ll handwrite your gift message for you too.

Please note the colour and pattern of Sansevieria may vary and as these plants are known as rough and ready beauties; splits, markings, tip discoloration and imperfections on the leaves are very normal.


Don’t be over generous with your watering your Snakey. Water this gorgeous guy once every 2-3 weeks. We recommend watering from the base and allow to soak for 10 minutes in a sink with cool water, If the soil looks damp, let it dry out a little before adding more water. Feed with a generic houseplant feed every couple of months however this shouldn’t be needed for the first 3-6 months.

You can let the soil become dry to the touch between watering. Is happiest in a bright area of full sun and equally happy in partial shade. conditions indoors.

Sansevieria Care Guide

The Sansevieria is a fun and unique plant. It comes in many different varieties, including the Punk (Fernwood Punk), Snaky (Sansevieria Snaky) and Spiky (Sansevieria Cylindrica). They’re one of the easiest plant families to care for and all have...

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