From £20.50


From £20.50

More commonly known as the ZZ plant, this dark green indoor plant with its many shiny green leaves will happily grow and fill any corner of your home whilst being admired for months to come.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Low Light

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If it’s a leafy green addition that purifies your home, with the added benefit of being super easy to care for, I am the plant for you!

The Zamioculcas, Zamio or ZZ Plant, really offers a perfect solution for any newbie plant owner. With its super hardy leaves and a willingness to be somewhat neglected! A Zamio can last for many weeks (if not months) with no water and is pretty happy to be placed in a dark room too. This plant is native to Africa and is a real beauty. Offering so many stunning little shiny green leaves on this multi-branched plant, included in any space a Zamioculcas really will add some green texture to your home or office.

Other names: ZZ Plant, Black ZZ Plant, Black Fern Arum, Zanzibar Gem, Zuzu plant, Aroid Palm, Eternity Plant, Emerald Palm


Keep out of draughts and away from radiators. Happy in shaded areas and avoid direct bright sunlight as this will scorch the leaves. Water sparingly in winter and more frequently in summer. Do not let the plant stand in water.
For more detail about how to care for your Zamioculcas you can read our plant care guide.

Zamioculcas Care Guide

More commonly known as the ZZ plant, the Zamioculcas has dark green, glossy leaves on tall stems and is the perfect plant for new plant parents.

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  • Love this - great tones of green and lovely pot as always

    Lucy W +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Looks perfect in our new build house. Very impressed with all the plants we ordered but this guy is my favourite.

    Kirsten +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Beautiful healthy plant that looks lovely in our lounge and is coping well in the shadier side of the room.

    Matthew C +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Another great TLB plant, in brilliant condition and a good size

    Emma +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Looks very healthy and is growing well already. In a fairly shaded spot but seems to be fine. Arrived well packaged as I have now come to expect from TLB. Not been disappointed.

    Angela G +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Really healthy plant delivered, the pot supplied enhances it. Will be buying more plants.

    Jenna +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Lovely healthy plant which arrived quickly and so well protected during transport. Even has a layer of moss on top if the soil which helps to stop it drying out and looks great too. Love the concrete pot. Very pleased.

    Claire B +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Amazing company and plant arrived in protective packaging and in great condition

    San +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Super healthy plant. Arrived safely because of the secure packaging. I've only had it over a week and it's growing already!

    Nicola L +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • I just love this plant. It looks gorgeous and takes minimal care. Ideal for me as somebody who's never been good with plants in the past. Well packaged from TLB too and it's very happy in my downstairs bathroom.

    Linda P +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Ordered this lovely plant with the Aloe succulent as a Birthday gift for my daughter-in-laws Birthday, she received it yesterday and is very happy. Great condition plants and good service - many thanks jane

    Helen C +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • This is a lovely plant, and looks lovely in my bathroom, I’ve just ordered another one for my downstairs toilet. It’s so easy to look after, the glossy leafs are very nice.

    Shaun l +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Two ZZ plants arrived today, absolutely gorgeous plants, very healthy and well cared for. The pots are really great - I love that they came with them. And the packaging was second to none - not a single leaf out of place or soil spillage. Arrived fast too. Highly recommended.

    Josephine N +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • This is a lovely plant and very easy to look after. I got mine over 6 months ago and keep it in a bathroom that is quite dark, which I thought would be a risk but the plant is growing really well. I give it a little water each week and sometimes fortnightly instead. Lovely glossy leaves.

    Laura +6 months ago

    5 / 5

  • Wonderful plant. Beautifully presented.

    Jane W +6 months ago

    5 / 5