Plantsmith Fortifying Houseplant Tonic

Plantsmith Fortifying Houseplant Tonic


A complete blend of essential nutrients inspired by professional formulations to feed houseplants and promote stronger leaves alongside long-lasting flowers, beautifully packaged in a glass bottle.

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With potassium, magnesium and iron for strong, glossy leaves and growth of stunning, longer lasting flowers, this plant food is suitable for all indoor houseplants and succulents.

Plantsmith Fortifying Houseplant Tonic is a professional formulation houseplant food with 13 Essential Nutrients and kelp extract to stimulate cell growth.

It’s best to feed houseplants regularly during their growing season, which runs from March to September. During this time, feed with our Fortifying Tonic once a month.

Using it couldn’t be easier, simply shake the bottle well and mix 5 ml (approx. 4 pumps) into a litre of tepid water and apply at the base of the plant. For younger plants mix the same amount into 2 litres of water.

Always be sure that your plants are not sitting in water, as this will rot the roots and we would hate for this to be the cause of death to your lovely houseplants.

Go and check out our blog about plant care as this is sure to be a must have for your plant care routine.