Large Plants for Big Spaces


Need plants for big spaces. This is the gang for you!

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If you have a big space and want to create your very own urban jungle, then this is the plant gang for you. Maybe you’re redesigning a room in your home or you have an empty space that is crying out for green. These 3 beauties will transform your space completely.

These bold leafy plants available in Little Botanical stylish concrete ceramics or gorgeous sea grass belly baskets, are so easy to care for so are the perfect option for newbie plant parents. We’ve curated this large plant gang so you can now create an urban oasis in your home.

Included in this big plant gang is a:

Big Monstera (Swiss Cheese plant)

Large Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

XL Yucca (Spanish Bayonet)

Together they look absolutely stunning as a group of green all at different heights. The Monstera with its split leaves, the Fiddle Leaf with its large paddle-shaped leave and the XL Yucca with its sword-shaped leaves will create stunning green structure and add new textures to your home.

Please note: the pattern/ colour of the pot may vary as they are handpainted.

Additional information


A little more TLC

Suitable for

Darker corners, Desk/Study, Hallway, Kitchen, Living Space


Belly basket, Ceramic, Grey pot



Plant Care

These 3 beauties need a bit of care but it’s very simple. The Monstera should be watered once every week and likes a sunny spot but not direct sunlight as the leaves could get scorched. Don’t forget to dust those beautiful leaves. The Large Fiddle Leaf should be positioned in a well-lit spot in your home. It does not like draughts and it should be watered once a week-10 days and only once the top few inches of soil have completely dried out. The XL Yucca likes a light spot all year round and should be watered sparingly, once every 10 days. Don’t let its feet get wet, it doesn’t like to be in soggy soil.  Overwatering your Yucca can cause the leaves to go yellow.


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Create an urban jungle in your home with these bold leafy large plants!