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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide

With large, paddle-shaped, vibrant green leaves, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is one impressive houseplant. Native to tropical West African jungles, his statement size, super shiny leaves and relatively low maintenance care credentials have made him one of the most popular houseplants in the world.

Did you know? The Fiddle Leaf Fig is ever-ready for his close up – check out #fiddleleaffig on Instagram to give you an idea of his popularity. Also known as a Ficus Lyrata, it is part of the Ficus Family of plants.

To read more, head over to our blog post all about the Fiddle Leaf Fig.


Water your plant every 10-14 days, letting the top 3-4 inches of soil dry out first

No Draughts

Keep your plant away from draughts to prevent it from drying out too quickly


Pop him in a bright spot away from direct sunlight to prevent leaf drop

Things To Do

Fiddle Leaf

Water your Fiddle Leaf Fig every 10 days or so once the soil has dried out on top.

Dust the leaves at least once a month to keep him looking healthy and ensure he can absorb enough light.

Rotate your plant to encourage even growth as he will grow towards the light.

Fiddle Leaf

Place him in bright, indirect sunlight. A dark gloomy corner will cause his leaves to fall sideways and result in leaf loss.

Feed him every 1 to 2 months in the spring and summer to encourage new growth.

Keep your plant in a warm environment and avoid sudden temperature changes as the seasons change. This plant likes consistency.

Things Not To Do

Fiddle Leaf

Be careful not to overwater your plant as this can cause yellow lower leaves or large brown spots and leaf drop. Lack of light can also cause this.

Don’t position your Fiddle Leaf Fig in a draught or a cold room.

Don’t be concerned if the undersides of the leaves are lightly marked with small brown spots or veins. This is called edema and is quite common on new growth, it will grow out as the plant matures.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is toxic to animals and people with Asthma and latex allergies due to the latex in the sap. Keep them away from pets and small children.

More about the Fiddle Leaf Fig

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