Plant care

At The Little Botanical we always make sure we help our customers care for their plant. We provide guidance and products that can help nurture and maintain the health and well-being of their plants.

More about Plant Care

Plant care covers many areas such as watering and temperature management. Caring for a plant also means ensuring the soil is well maintained and plants have the right nutrients to thrive in their environment.

Our plant care guides offer detailed guidance for plants we stock to help you care for your plant. We also stock a range of plant care products to help your plant grow and remain healthy throughout its life.

We do recommend having an understanding of pest and disease control if you have many different varieties of plants in your home. This may be as simple as inspecting your plants for signs of stress, nutrient deficiencies, or being attentive to changes in leaf colour, wilting, or unusual growth patterns.

Cleaning and dusting are also important, especially for plants that require lots of sunlight. Clean leaves allow for better light absorption and also reduce the risk of pests or diseases.