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Refresh and Revive your Garden with our Outdoor Plant Heroes

Our gorgeous selection of outdoor plants have arrived! We’re so excited about them – and we hope you will be too.

Whether you’re sprucing up your garden ready for guests or are planning a makeover with some low-maintenance outdoor plants, we’ve got the perfect botanicals to transform your patio or garden into a relaxing haven.

Fill your garden with these on-trend, stylish plants and transform your outdoor space into an area of zen with our outdoor plant heroes – featuring interesting shapes, colours and textures.

Use Box Plants for Structure and Shape

Adding our Buxus AKA Hedge plants to your garden is the perfect way to create balance and structure. Planting or potting them symmetrically helps your outdoor space feel more ordered and sophisticated, giving your space an instant uplift all ready for catching up with friends and family in the sun.

For a touch of interest, why not consider adding a few together to achieve the overall look.  These stunning plants will transform your patio, balcony or garden.

Buxus Standard Duo

Our Standard Buxus Duo has a distinctive round shape and dark glossy evergreen leaves, making it the perfect doorstop statement piece. Pop the plants on either side of your garden doors to create a structural walkway that greets you as you move in and out of the house. You could also plant them in your garden, creating a showstopping feature alongside your other outdoor plants.

Ilex Ball Duo

Also known as the Japanese Holly, our Ilex Crenata duo is perfect for adding a green, clean structure to your garden. You can keep them in their pots or plant them out in the garden – whatever works best for your outdoor space. These hardy Ilex balls will tolerate shade but can also be planted in a sunny spot, making them a fab addition to any garden. Just make sure they are kept watered to prevent scorched leaves.

Buxus Pyramid Duo

This pyramid-shaped Buxus Duo is one of our favourite outdoor hedge plants. These slow-growing evergreens have small, smooth leaves that are perfect for adding a fresh burst of green to your garden.

Caring for your Buxus pyramid plants is simple – you only need to trim them twice a year to keep their structural shape. These plants will tolerate most positions but make sure they are well watered in the sunny months as letting them dry out and leaving them in direct sunlight can cause the leaves to scorch.

Bring the Biophilic Trend Outdoors

A living wall is one of the hottest outdoor plant heroes. Putting one in your outdoor space is the perfect way to get closer to nature and the ideal solution for a small space that needs a refresh. 

Our PlantBox Living Wall with Herbs creates a vibrant outdoor green wall that brings tranquillity and calm into your garden. This intelligent outdoor living wall system comes in a set of either five or ten troughs, allowing you to assemble a living wall to fit your space. It also features a clever 1.8L water reservoir that keeps plants watered for at least a week. Easy-peasy.

If you’re looking to transform a small outdoor space or create a feature wall on your patio, our Outdoor Living Wall with Herbs are a beautiful addition and super easy to put together.

Build Vibrancy with Colourful Plants

Flowers are the ultimate way to add colour to your garden. In fact, they’ve been proven to make people happy as soon as they look at them. Bright flowers and plants break up the greenery, creating interest. If you have a keen eye for detail, you can even use flowery outdoor plant heroes to add structure to your flower bed.

Adding a pop of colour with our flowering patio plants draws your eye to them even from inside through your window or patio doors.

British Betulia Flower Garden Bundle

Our British grown Betulias are bright, colourful and perfect for brightening up any outdoor space. This Betulia plant bundle produces long-lasting blooms throughout the summer, allowing you to enjoy them for longer.

When it comes to Betulia plant care, they’re super easy to care for, making them perfect for newbie gardeners looking to start with something simple. They’re also ideal outdoor plants for the front of the house. Leave them in their plant pots and pop them on either side of your front door for a friendly greeting whenever you get home.

British Hydrangea Garden Bundle

Our British Hydrangea bundle is one of our favourite outdoor plant heroes. They’re available in pink or blue and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, whether you plant or pot them. Pop them on your patio and enjoy the bountiful blooms every time you take some fresh air.

This Hydrangea garden plant only needs a little TLC. Keep it between 16-24 degrees and put it in a spot that gets partial light. Be careful with direct sunlight, as the flowers can scorch.

Wisteria Hysteria

Our gorgeous Wisteria plant is hardy, hassle-free and perfect for adding a stunning burst of purple to your garden. As it grows, it’ll produce colourful blooms that come to life, instantly transforming your garden.

Add a Wisteria tree or two against your fence or plant one alongside a collection of other plants and watch it flourish throughout the spring and summer months. It’ll even survive throughout the winter.

If you want to plant it into a flower bed, water the Wisteria, dig a big enough hole and put the plant into it, removing the plastic pot. This south or west-facing outdoor houseplant benefits from regular watering and, once established, only needs water during dry periods.

Create a Classic Look with Bushy Ferns

This gorgeous trio of outdoor fern plants is an easy way to add texture and greenery to your garden or patio. They’re semi-evergreen perennials. This means that once you plant them, they keep their leaves almost all year round, making them one of the best outdoor plant heroes.

Because these plants are only small garden ferns, they’re best suited to patios or mini outdoor spaces. If your outdoor space is large enough, you can add them to flower beds and borders to make a statement. Create a walkway in the ground or keep them potted alongside more colourful flowers.

Fern plant care is simple, just follow these rules; pop them in a shady spot avoiding direct sunlight & water them regularly. A simple liquid fertiliser is enough to keep them healthy and strong.

Add Style and Texture with Ornamental Grasses

Flowers aren’t the only way to add colour to your garden. Ornamental grass is a low-maintenance option that barely needs any care. Not only that, but grasses are perfect for making a statement in your outdoor space.

Festuca Blue Grass Trio

Create a new look in your garden this season with our Blue Festuca Grass Trio. It’s versatile, hardy and tolerant of all weather conditions, making it the perfect low-maintenance shrub for your outdoor space. Plant the trio in your garden for instant colour or keep all three potted and bunch them together to add texture. The foliage will show up as blue, grey or silver through spring, summer and autumn.

In the autumn and winter, the grasses die back. Remove any old, discoloured grass blades, and it’ll revive, ready for the warmer weathers. When you know what the plant needs, blue Festuca grass care is simple. All you need to do is plant it in full sun and well-drained soil – the more sunlight it receives, the more likely it is to produce its famous blue-grey colour.

In the winter, you’ll notice your blue Festuca grass turning brown. Comb or rake out any dead leaves in spring and cut back any evergreens from April to July. Don’t cut them back in April or July, though, as you need to make room for new grass blades.

Mixed Grass Trio

This compact, colourful Mixed Grass Trio adds texture and movement to your patio, balcony or garden, giving your outdoor space a new lease of life. Not only are these ornamental grasses versatile and long-lasting, but they’re easy to care for and look fab wherever you place them.

Like our Blue Festuca Grass, this trio is a little bundle of evergreen grasses that’s tolerant of all weather conditions. These grasses colour up best in full sunlight, but it also takes some shade every now and then.

Grow a Handy Herb Garden

Our Outdoor Herb Mix contains a selection of UK grown outdoor herb plants that are perfect for freshening up your outdoor space. They also emit a lovely scent that creates a soothing ambience to your garden or patio. Herbs may include a mix of Thyme, Lavender, Mint, Sage, Coriander.

Watch these herby potted outdoor plant heroes grow right in front of your eyes and use them for cooking as soon as they’re ready. Frequent watering will keep them healthy and tasting great.

Growing herbs in pots is easier than you might think. Position them in a spot with good light and use fertiliser once a year to keep them happy. They’ll also thrive if you trim and prune them once a month. The more you cut, the more they’ll grow.  Perfect to garnish your favourite tipple when socialising with friends and family.

Feed the Bees with a Seedbom

Protect the bee population by planting a Seedbom and create some all-important sustenance to help the bee populations thrive. As soon as you scatter them, ensure they are well-watered and receive good light and they’ll explode into life for nature to use.

Beebom – Bee Friendly Seedbom

The Beebom Seedbom is the perfect add-on gift to help protect the bees. It contains a mix of Cornflower, Vipers Bugloss, Wild Marjoram, Red Clover, Borage and Phacelia. As soon as you scatter it over your garden, the mixture explodes into life, providing much-needed food for our bees.

To use this pollinator Beebom Seedbom, shake it a few times, then open it up by pulling the pull tab upwards. Gently remove the plug and soak the bom by submerging it in water (being careful not to let the seeds escape), then wait until it’s thoroughly soaked inside and turns soft. As soon as it does, it’s ready to use.

Wildbom – Wild Flower Seedbom

The beautifully packaged Wildbom Wild Flower Seedbom features a mix of Corn Poppy, Cornflower, Forget-me-not, Corn Marigold, Oxeye Daisy and Red Campion. Use your Seedbom in the same way as the bee pollinator and watch the mixture flourish into stunning wildflowers.

When to plant Seedbom: Follow the Seedbom instructions carefully and scatter it throughout your garden between March and June if you want it to flourish in the summer. If you’re a bit late, sprinkle it from August to October for the following year.  

We hope we’ve given you some plant-based inspiration for your outdoor space. As ever, if you have any burning questions or need some extra advice about how to care for any of the plants in this blog, get in touch with us at [email protected]

Lots of love,
Team TLB xx

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