Living wall covered in plants on a brick wall outside a house

There’s a new kid in town and he’s one size fits W’all – the perfect, happiness-inducing, oxygen-giving, pollutant-removing, gang of green gorgeousness – a Living Wall!  

We have been itching to shout, scream and dance about our new collaboration with the super cool Living Wall peeps at PlantBox. We LOVE everything about these vertical structures of green godliness – and want to sing it from the rooftops! These Living Walls are simply incredible. 

There are at least a million reasons that a Living Wall should become a part of your family.  Ok then, firstly – because, well, why not!  These Living Walls are like green sculptures of beauty in your own home. We could sit for hours just staring at one. You can get the results of hours of hard work’s gardening with ease! It used to be that you’d only ever see these walls of wonder on a commercial building or in fancy hotels and restaurants, but those clever people at PlantBox have changed that. They think a Plant Wall should be for everybody – and now they are!

A green space that is perfect for that balcony, terrace or garden.  Or just bring your garden inside and create a space with a difference – an indoor living wall in your lounge or a wall of herbs in your kitchen.  Whatever space you’re looking to create, a PlantBox will make it better – a terrace with a difference, a balcony with a bold statement, a green oasis of lusciousness in the corner of your living room. The answer to a plant living wall comes in just the shape you need (and full of plump, fresh-faced Little Botanical Plants and Herbs, that’s a definite recipe for success). 

Size matters?

Well actually, with a PlantBox, size really doesn’t matter!  They come in easy to adjust sets, that you can break apart or put together – to fit exactly where you want them.  Freestanding or wall-mounted, the units can be simply attached or restrained to a courtyard or boundary walls, fence uprights, balcony railings, roof gardens, patios, terraces or conservatory walls, and will give you that garden vibe that you desire.

If you’re tight on space and are looking to create a corner of calm, then why not consider a vertical garden that requires very little gardening?  From a bijoux balcony to an indoor kitchen wall – there’s no place too high, low or wide that won’t be made better by a Living Wall full of greenery.  Equally, if you’ve got another Banksy that needs covering up, why not use a PlantBox?!  Only kidding, just move it to the right or left and voila – enhanced in a jiffy.   

Easy peasy

These stackable cubes not only give you the perfect excuse for a little jungle inside or outside your home, but they take the guesswork out of watering.  The exciting technology inside of each of these superb plant boxes means you literally fill up the water reservoir and the boxes do the rest.  No more watering until the built-in float indicator lets you know that you need to top it up – what could be simpler? 

This is an effortless, clever system that completely removes any plant-killing self-doubt that might have kept you awake at night.  All your worries gone.  A water-level display so clear that you can easily see when your plant babies are thirsty, which minimises time spent gardening.

More good news

These happy little troughs are completely and totally made from 100% recycled materials in the UK.  Another reason to feel good about surrounding yourself with lots and lots of them.  Created by two very clever chaps just down the road from us.

And there’s more…

A wall of plants will undoubtedly improve the appearance of a building, improve the air quality in an area, deaden noise and help to keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  The vegetation can also trap microscopic pollutants, which in high concentrations may cause respiratory illnesses.  We know that plants are natures natural ventilation system – removing toxins and breathing out oxygen.  Quite simply put, a Living Wall is good for you.  Having a healthy garden is good for your soul and a stress buster. 

Half a dining area on the left with sliding doors going out to an outdoor seated area, that has a living wall to the right of it covered in plants

Biophilia – what does it mean?

Over the last few years we’ve all seen or read about initiatives to make our cities and industrial spaces greener and more vibrant – Biophilic designed vertical gardens that improve the look of a building, adding not just aesthetic health benefits but enhanced air quality to boot.  Biophilia has become the by-word for a new generation of people who understand that our connection to nature is closely linked to wellbeing. 

Decades of research by American Biologist, Edward O. Wilson, and his book entitled Biophilia, has largely brought the term into everyday language.  However, it was first introduced by German-born American psychoanalyst, Erich Fromm, in his 1973 book, The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness.  Fromm talked about biophilia being a “biologically normal instinct” and “essentially the passionate love of life and all that is alive”.   Scientists and Urban Designers alike, understand that this human relationship with nature, especially in an urban setting, is extremely important to our mental health.  

For a more recent take, have a look at the article by Catriona Gray in the Financial Times, “How biophilic design brings the outdoors in”, she even talks about Living Walls!

What we love about Living Walls

We love living walls because they’re the perfect addition to all plant lover’s homes and gardens, balconies, terraces and courtyards – in fact, these living walls will fit into the tiniest of spaces making the biggest of impacts. 

Beautiful walls of gorgeous greenery that not only look stunning but have tremendous health benefits as well.  Of course, we’re always fascinated by greenery, their health benefits and air-purifying qualities. But what we’re most fond of about this plant is that whether they’re on their own or you choose to cover your entire outside area with them, these living walls make a real difference.

Be inspired

We want to cover our entire houses and flats with them and we have a sneaky feeling you might too, once you see them.  In a fast-paced world where mental health and environmental damage are both topics of concern, living with plants is a total no-brainer.

Love Team TLB

The facts

  • Manufactured in the UK from 100% UK recycled material 
  • Cascading trough system water with 1.8L capacity per trough
  • A built-in indicator on each trough will display ‘Full’ (F
  • Water overflow system that fills into the next trough beneath
  • Capillary felt wicks up moisture, reducing water wastage
  • A built-in indicator will show ‘Empty’ (E ) when water level requires filling up
  • Clip-in filter that regulates the water flow rate