Wildbom – Wild Flower Seedbom


Throw some seeds to grow some wildflowers in your garden with this fab little Seedbom.


The perfect add-on gift for yourself or a friend. These beautifully packaged wild flower seedboms include a mix of Corn Poppy, Cornflower, Forget-me-not, Corn Marigold, Oxeye Daisy and Red Campion seeds. Just throw them in your chosen spot between March – June to watch them flower this year, or sow them August – October to see them flower the following year. A quick and simple way to grow your own wild garden flowers.

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Plant Care

First shake your Seedbom a few times, then open by pulling the ‘pull’ tab upward and remove plug. Next, soak your Seedbom by gently submerging in water (being careful not to allow seeds to escape) until the whole Seedbom is fully soaked inside and out and turns soft (around 5 mins) your Seedbom is ready to use! Throw or drop your Seedbom onto the surface of bare ground (no grass or weeds) with lots of natural light. No need to cover it over. Whether you throw or drop (or simply place) your Seedbom, be sure to split it open to allow seedlings to sprout out.


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Why I’m great

I’m a seedbom of beautiful wild flower seeds and soil. So simple and easy to grow, just throw and watch your beautiful wild flowers appear.