Buxus Ball

Buxus Ball


Why not add this gorgeous Buxus ball to your front door or pop him on your patio to upgrade your outdoor space. Gorgeous, glossy green leaves will add that pop of green to your balcony or patio, whilst being super easy to care for.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Medium Light

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Stylish and contemporary. This Buxus ball will add a stunning modern style to your outdoor space. Pop him in a pot on the patio or inside a bed. Buxus balls look gorgeous and glossy for years to come, if cared for well.

This gorgeous green Buxus ball has distinctive round shape and glossy evergreen leaves are the perfect doorstep planters. This low-maintenance plant are slow-growing and keep their shape well. This means they are the perfect outdoor plants for first-time gardeners.

This Buxus offers a luxurious look, they are sure to add structural style to your outdoor space, all year round.

This hardy evergreens can either be kept in the growing pots they arrive in or planted out in the garden. They will tolerate shade or can be planted in a sunny spot. Buxus Balls are slow-growing and with the right care will grow approximately 10-15cm a year.


- 1 x Buxus Ball (pot size 23cm)

Approximate Height; 45cm and Width; 30cm (measured at the widest part).  Note these are approximate measurements and may vary.

Very versatile and long-lasting, these easy to care for plants just look just beautiful. Buxus Balls are ideal for patios, entrances or hedges. Easy to care for and only needs a trim every few months to keep its ball shape. The perfect plant for newbie gardeners or experienced gardeners alike.

Once unpacked, pop the plant outdoors and ensure they are watered and allow time for them to settle into their new garden.

Caring for the Buxus Ball

Buxus Balls are hardy and low maintenance, they will grow in almost all soil types. They like a nice sunny spot but can also be positioned in partial shade. These Ilex balls need watering weekly during hot summer months to keep them green and glossy.

If planting into beds we would suggest to water the balls, dig a hold big enough to fit the Ilex balls in and remove the plastic pot. Water before planting as the Buxus evergreens have a dense root systems and the ground around them can become starved and dry. Feed in spring with a good liquid fertiliser and water regularly in the warmer months.