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Limited Edition Plant Pots

Roll out the red carpet, sound the trumpets, let the fanfare begin… The Little Botanical are bringing back our oh-so-colourful, summery pots just in time for the coronation celebrations. The weather might not be playing ball (we are in Great Britain after all), but that’s not stopping us from saying hello to summer, bring the sunshine with our fab range of limited edition plant pots. They really are green styling fit for a king!

Our super summery pots made their debut last year and proved to be a huge hit amongst you plant lovers as they sold out in record time. So, we’re very pleased to say that these limited-edition ceramics have hit our virtual shelves for a second year. Our houseplant pots are ready to bring you all the summer feels and brighten up your indoor and outdoor spaces with a gorgeous pop of colour! Dot them around your patio for an added splash of sunshine or bring them indoors to bring a stunning splash of colour to your décor. With four gorgeous hues available; baby blue, uplifting yellow, tranquil green and dusky pink, these oh-so-stylish pots are the perfect way to dial up the bright summery vibes in your home.

The TLB Summer Range

Our limited-edition summer range includes a variety of easy-care, quality indoor potted plants. You can mix and match your favourite plants and pot colours or choose from our very handy, ready-made bundles. These have been designed for your plant-styling convenience.

Keep reading for a little rundown of our top picks from the fab summer range, bringing you inspiration for your summer plant-scape.

Summer Loving Plant Bundles

Calathea Trio Plant Gang

Make a statement with this fabulous trio of beautifully patterned Calathea plants. These indoor houseplants are also known as Prayer Plants thanks to the gentle up-and-down movement of their leaves at dawn and dusk. With leaves in a variety of shapes and shades, from pinstriped or rose-painted to peacock-patterned, these three green beauties will make a beautifully striking addition to your home this season. And their style is elevated wonderfully when potted in our pink, yellow and blue summer ceramics.  

Keep these potted beauties happy with consistently moist soil and a bright spot in indirect sunlight.

Calathea Trio Plant Gang, £66

Fern Trio Plant Gang

For a delicate and feathery plant-scape, choose this delightful Fern Trio. Comprised of a Blue Star Fern, a Boston Fern and an Asparagus Fern potted in our pink, green and yellow ceramics, these three green beauties will bring a regal air to your home with their variety of textures and tones.

Water your ferns once a week, making sure they’re not sitting in water and pop them in a spot away from direct sunlight.

Fern Trio Plant Gang, £56

Summer Trailing Duo

This fabulous pair of trailing houseplants is the ultimate in easy-care summer style. Both the Devil’s Ivy and the Satin Pothos are beautifully versatile, resilient and easy to look after. And their stunning green hues simply pop against our yellow and blue limited edition summer ceramics. Pop these houseplants on a high shelf and watch those gorgeous, heart-shaped leaves cascade down.

Water these trailing beauties when the top layers of soil have dried out and ensure they are placed away from radiators and out of draughts.

Summer Trailing Duo, £39

Summer Loving Duo

This super easy-going pair will make a fab addition to your indoor jungle. The ZZ plant potted in our pink ceramic and the Yucca potted in our green ceramic will bring an air of majesty, a perfect nod to the coronation.

Both of these plants are fabulously low maintenance. Simply water them every couple of weeks and position them in a bright spot away from direct sunlight.

Summer Loving Duo, £41

Summer Purifying Duo

Sansevieria Snakey’s have long been a favourite here at TLB HQ and if you love them as much as us, then this duo is the one for you. It features a pair of these green beauties potted in our yellow and blue ceramics. And not only do these Snake Plants look gorgeous standing tall with their bright, variegated leaves, they’re also air-purifying powerhouses. What’s not to love?

And, in even more good news, you can pop these Snakey’s pretty much anywhere! They’ll thrive in a bright spot or partial shade and will only need a drink every 2 to 3 weeks.

Summer Purifying Duo, £45

Summer Fiesta Duo

The perfect pair to get the party vibes going for the summer. Pop this Snake Plant in a yellow ceramic and Blue Star Fern in a green ceramic on your coffee table and let the good times roll! The vibrant green leaves of the Snake Plant contrast beautifully with the soft bluey-green tones of the Blue Star Fern. This makes them a stunning focal point for your interiors. A stunning coronation decoration for the celebrations to come.

Summer Fiesta Duo, £44

Summer Brights – Individual Plants in Summer Pots

If the ready-made bundles aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we have a range of individual potted plants available in your choice of our four ceramics. The Boston Fern, Devil’s Ivy, Zamioculcas and Yucca are just a few of the green beauties available in the summer brights. Take a look at the full summer range for even more inspiration and you can even buy the pots on their own if you already have a naked plant in need of a summer home.

Plant Care Tips for Summer

With all this talk of summer, we thought that now is a good time to throw in some little plant care tips for the new season. As the weather warms up (we hope!), take the time to check in on your plants and give them a spot of TLC to keep them happy and healthy through the summer. All plants, whether they are sun worshippers or prefer a shady pot, will need a change to their plant care routine during the warmer months.

Firstly, your botanical buddies will need more water than during the autumn and winter. Make sure to keep a close eye on them and increase the watering schedule as required. Moisture-loving plants will benefit from increased humidity, so give them a spritz more regularly. You can also place several plants together so that they can act as humidifiers for one another.

Plants naturally grow towards the light; rotate them weekly to encourage a lovely, even shape and do move sensitive plants away from direct sunlight.

And finally, look out for signs of distress including flower and leaf drop, wilting leaves, an uneven shape, brown tips or blackened foliage. All of these can be an indication that your plants aren’t loving the heat.

So that brings us to the end of our introduction to our summer range, we hope you enjoy browsing and choosing which ones to include in your summer styling. And of course, we hope you enjoy the coronation celebrations with a little bit of sunshine from The Little Botanical, especially if the actual sunshine is rather reluctant to make an appearance!

Until next time lovely plant tribe.

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