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How to make a home office work

In order to make your home office successful, it needs to be a working space which will inspire productivity. It needs to be a dedicated, organised area where you can fully focus on your work, in the same way you would at your office. A study from the University of Queensland has found that a workspace ‘enriched with plants’ can make you happier and boost productivity by 15%. It can provide benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. That is pretty incredible, isn’t it?!

Establish a boundary and routine when working from home

You should treat your home office in the same way you treat your real one. Just like your physical office was an entirely separate entity to your home, your home office should try to be the same. 

If you know you’ve got to get up for work in the morning, you’ll set an alarm and wake up on time and get yourself washed and dressed. This should apply when you are working from home too. 

With your kitchen cupboards probably just metres away, maybe think about giving yourself a snack schedule. As the access to food is more limited right now, it’s important to ensure your cupboards will provide you with what you need until your next shop or food delivery.

Find time to exercise

Whether you wake up extra early in the morning for a jog or go for a walk on your lunch break, exercise is important. Fresh air can clear the mind like nothing else, and who doesn’t enjoy the sun on their face or the sound of chirping birds? For those lucky people who have gardens, you could do laps or lengths. Maybe even bring back the school bleep test?! However, not everyone has some outside space. For those in flats or apartments, try out some yoga or even burpees if you want to push yourself. There’s always PE with Joe!

Stick to workplace recommendations

Make sure you have easy access to fresh air and that you’re at a comfortable temperature. 

If you’re going to be sitting at a desk all day, then you’ll need ergonomic equipment to take the strain away from your wrists, neck and back. These are all regulatory requirements of a standard workplace, so the same rules should be followed at home. Your home office should be equipped with a comfortable desk and chair which provides the support you need to sit for long periods of time.

If you need any home office ideas, check out these recommendations for workplaces and try to apply these to what you have. Also like so many of us are going to be working virtually, check out the guidance from the Health and Safety Executive on working with screens.

Take regular breaks

It’s important to stand up, stretch and take regular breaks while working. In your normal office, you might chat to a coworker or go for a cup of coffee which is taking a short break without realising it. 

If you’re now sitting at your home office working away for hours without any breaks or catch-ups, you can become tired and feel run down. Be sure to keep active in order to boost your productivity and look after your mental health. Leading mental health charity, Mind has some great tips on how you can still focus on your wellbeing during this time.

Our stunning little succulents would make the perfect addition to a busy desk. Our smart and stylish Trio Succulent House would fit wonderfully into your new workspace. If you’ve got more space to fill then a big house plant like our gorgeous Lemon & Lime Dracaena will be a perfect option. 
Plants have air-purifying qualities which have been proven in NASA experiments to remove toxins from the air.

Having greenery around is always visually appealing, but it’s even more beneficial if it’s actually helping to clean the environment and free your headspace. For a touch of added serenity, our new Peace Lily would make a stunning addition to any home office. Just look at those beautiful leaves, and it comes with the added bonus of having air-purifying qualities.

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