‘Which plant goes where?’ is a question we hear a lot at The Little Botanical. (Along with, “I always kill plants” and “how do I keep it alive?”).

So we thought it would be a good idea to try and answer some of these concerns you all have!

The first question regarding where a plant should be positioned is a tricky one, because all different plants require different surroundings to ensure they thrive. But to keep things nice and simple we advise that your indoor house plants like to be kept in a room with some natural light, not in the way of a direct draught and ideally not pressing against or on top of a radiator.

Water your succulents very infrequently, every month or more is fine. A Green, leafy plant would like to have moist soil, so just let the soil dry out and then water again, something like (add link to a green plant). Flowering plants often need a little more care- but again try not to over water, just once a week is fine. Our Orchids are amazing and they really should be fine for a month with little to no care- but our advice is always water little and often.

Fill that Dark Room with Green

The Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant, actually thrives on being ignored! He is a survivor and will happily sit in a dimly lit corner. But don’t forget that all plants need some light, even just a little, so we wouldn’t recommend putting him in a room with no windows! If it is a particularly dark corner you want to style with plants, we would suggest you use two of our lovely plants – and rotate them every few weeks. Keep one in a lit room, and one in your dark hall and keep swapping them around and they will be very happy indeed!

Plant Styling in your Bathroom

Often a room neglected of inspiring decor, but we think the perfect space to add some greenery. Being a little more humid than other rooms of the house means the plants added to your bathroom will need even less watering- yippee!

The window sill is the perfect place for a few succulents and cacti, and why not build a little plantgang.

A final note on plants for your home

Our most important piece of advice is enjoy your plants. Put them in a room where they look great and can be looked at! If they start to look sad, move it to a different place, give it some water and see if it perks up.

Our favourite statement that we hear more than anything else is “I always kill plants”.

Well we want to tell you a secret, but shhhhhh, they are meant to die. We know it’s hard to hear but plants are meant to die, like daffodils don’t stay flowering in the ground forever, the trees drop their leaves and roses drop their petals. Indoor plants are exceptionally good value for money, the amount of time you will get with your plants far exceeds the amount of time your get from a bouquet of flowers. With care and in the right surroundings plants really do last months and months, and in the case of succulents, Cacti and some house plants years and years!

There is no special science to looking after a plant, it is just about water, making sure they are not too hot or too cold and enjoying them! So go enjoy your plants and reap the rewards for it.