Orchids often surprise people in that they are fairly low maintenance. It is perhaps because they look so beautiful and delicate that they can make some people nervous, however, there are a number of reasons why orchids make the perfect house plant.

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More about Orchids

We aren’t going to cover all of the different types of orchids there are because there are over 20,000 species! Yes, you are reading that figure correctly! Among those, you get some absolutely incredible plants. For example, there is one that can grow up to three metres tall. There is another that flowers only once a year and lasts for a matter of hours.

All of our orchids are types of Phalaenopsis Orchid, or Moth Orchid (much easier to say). They earnt this nickname as Phalaena is actually a type of moth and the way the petals grow is considered to look a bit like a flying moth. They are perfect for those new to orchids as they are easy to grow and care for. They also have long-lasting flowers – among the longest blooming of all orchids used as houseplants. With our orchids, they will always arrive with three open flowers and more buds ready to follow. You should expect it to flower for at least two months!

Looking after an orchid

Our orchids don’t require a lot of water. Try to give them around 20-30ml every 10 to 14 days. You can also keep the moss that comes with our orchids fresh with a light spritz of water. Just be careful to make sure the water always drains away so the plant is never sitting in water. Try to avoid direct sunlight and try to find your orchid a spot that gets indirect sunlight or shade and that isn’t too cool. If they are placed directly in sun, they may get scorched and the leaves can fade or split.

After some time, the flowers will fall off. Don’t despair! If you cut the plant down to around 10-12cm above the pot, it should grow back again and you will see those beautiful orchid flowers return.

Orchid colours and symbolism

As there are so many orchids, they can pretty much come in every colour. Popular shades include white, pink and purple. We stock mini orchids in five colours and also have the large Royal White Orchid, which is an absolute stunner.

Orchids date back thousands of years and different cultures have varying views about what they represent. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility and fertility, while in ancient China they represented perfection due to their symmetry. In Victorian England, they were considered an ideal gift to represent love and affection and were popular when exotic flowers were in style. In fact, during Queen Victoria’s reign, the craze for orchids developed to such heights it was named ‘Orchidelirium’!

We appreciate the love for orchids as they are such special plants!