Royal White Orchid

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This large flowered statement orchid looks magnificent as a centrepiece. Just marvel at the size and beauty of the flowers!


The royal white orchid is the king of orchids. The flowers cascade down like a waterfall. It makes the perfect centrepiece or a special gift – once fully open it really provides real wow factor! If all that doesn’t make you want to purchase this beauty, did you know it also lasts up to 3 months? That is weeks and weeks more than a bouquet of flowers!

To ensure your product lasts at home and to get it to you safely, your orchid will arrive with 3 open flowers and lots of buds to follow.

The Royal White Orchid is a great plant to brighten up the office. Read what other plants can go with the Royal Orchid in your office.

Additional information


Easy to look after

Suitable for:

Light spaces

Estimated Plant Height (CM):

Big plants (45cm – 60cm)

Internal Pot Diameter (CM):


Pot Height (CM):



Grey pot


Queen of Flowers



Plant Care

Water infrequently. Very lightly (1 espresso cup of water) every 10-14 days. The moss can be kept fresh with a spray of water, or pour water on the moss and let it drain away. Do not let the plant sit in water, as this causes damage to the roots.

Once all the flowers have fallen off, the stem can be cut me back to 10-12cm above the pot and with patience and a little love you will hopefully get flowers time and time again.


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Why I’m Great

I am the king of orchids and provide stunning big blooms for months, no other flower plant is a patch on me if you are after a statement piece that lasts for months!