Beautiful houseplant with leaves that burst into life when the sunlight shines through in the morning before closing again in the evening.


For this plant, it is all about the leaves. These can be pin-striped, rose painted or peacock patterned and are either big oval leaves or thin pointy leaves. There is a myriad of different looks. This plant spends much of its life under the dense jungles of South America. The underside of the leaves is as interesting to look at as the top so think about placing it somewhere where you can get a glimpse of both. It doesn’t want to be in full sunlight so little shade will suit it fine. Please note the variety of Calathea may vary.

If you have pets, then the Calathea is a great plant to have. Find out why in our The Hot House article.

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Plant Care

Avoid direct sunlight. Find a place of partial shade away from cold draughts. Water once a week to keep the soil moist. Feed with a generic plant feed once a month. A bathroom is a good location as it will enjoy the higher moisture levels. You can also improve the humidity by placing a few plants all together.


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You will not find a more striking leaf designs and I also like to move my leaves to follow the sun.