For those of us who are lucky enough to be able to thank our Mums for everything they do (not to mention being the reason we exist), this is a great opportunity to give them a present that shouts Thank You!  

Everyone loves to receive gorgeous greenery and this Mother’s Day why not make it the perfect excuse to show how much you care.  There are still a couple of weeks to go until the big event, 22nd March in case you needed to check, so don’t panic!

You still have some time to pick that perfect gift for your Mum (or treat yourself if you are a Mum)! Your special gift doesn’t have to be to for your own Mum either. There are plenty of deserving Mums out there that would be so happy to receive a gift from you so don’t stop at your own. Share the joy of receiving a Mother’s Day gift with every Mum you know!

Obviously here at The Little Botanical we are slightly biased, but we think we have some beautiful plants that are just perfect for Mother’s Day gifts.

Our Mother’s Day Favourites

Marble Planter Stand and Succulent Trio House

A deep intake of breath is needed for these two gorgeous gifts of beauty. Take a look at our newest additions to The Little Botanical special collection of statement plants.  These on-trend stands would be the perfect present for that special Mum in your life who loves good design.  

The Marble Planter comes with its own metal stand and is a real stylish statement piece.  We love the look of the Devil’s Ivy against the marble – its green and yellow marbled leaves match perfectly. With the extra height of the metal plant stand it looks great in the middle of a table.

Our Succulent House contains 3 succulents potted into stylish marble effect pots in a little metal house. This stunning display of greenery is the perfect Little Botanical plant gang and it is immensely loved! Easy to look after and bang on-trend. Pop me anywhere to give the room a stylish interior refresh.


Lilacina in pink and copper pot on worktop with candles in the background

The Lilacina has lilac/grey leaves that have just a touch of pink around their edges. Don’t be worried if your Mum isn’t known for her green fingers. The Lilacina doesn’t need a lot of care, in fact, it just needs a little water every month to keep it looking fresh.

As with all of our plants, the ceramic pot is included, so you don’t need to worry about buying a pot that then doesn’t fit!  This little beauty, in its stylish soft pink and copper-dipped pot, is already proving to be an absolute must-have for all plant lovers. Why not create a cute little succulent plant gang with the Hoya Kerrii single heart or Crassula

Hoya Kerri (Double Heart)

Hoya Kerrii double heart succulent in black and gold dipped ceramic pot held by a person on their outstretched palm

Our lovely Hoya Kerrii double heart succulent is a great choice for any Mother given the metaphor with the larger and smaller heart together. Closely nestled in a little bed of moss, the message that you love your Mum is loud and clear with this one! 

In addition, they come in our signature black and metallic gold dipped pot and are easy to look after. They only need a little drink every month. We think they look great with the pretty Pilea Peperomioides Houseplant or a spikier succulent like our little Sansevieria Punk. This guy lives in our new grey and copper ceramic pot.

Royal White Orchid

Royal White Orchid with cascading flowers, planted in a grey ceramic pot and sat on a kitchen marble worktop with a Marshall radio in the background and shelf of glassware above

Truly the King of Orchids, our Royal White Orchid is a real showstopper. It has beautiful flowers cascading down the length of the plant. Why give a bouquet of flowers that might last a week, when this will keep your Mum smiling for months!

These long-lasting orchids bloom for several months. We ensure that the orchid you receive will arrive with at least three open flowers. The buds will open up at a rate of approximately 1 a week. These orchids only need infrequent watering and a spritz to keep the moss fresh approximately once a fortnight. 

Why not add another orchid to the create a perfect floral bundle with the Mini Mauve Orchid or add a lush, green Boston Fern for some variation.

Flowering Begonia (Light and Dark Pink)

Close up image of bright pink flowering begonia flowers

Our bright blooming Begonias are the perfect gift for mum.  They arrive with our Little Botanical grey and silver dipped ceramic and will bloom for weeks and weeks.

These flowering houseplants like a light spot and need watering weekly. We grow and nurture our Begonias in our nursery in West Sussex. Therefore, they haven’t travelled too far ensuring they are lush and fresh.  We think a flowering begonia is a great value option and above all, will brighten up any space. Moreover, it certainly lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers too! Pair with our Mini Pink Kalanchoe or out Medium Aloe Vera to create a modern flowering plant gang perfect for mum.

If you’re still not sure, take a look through our full range of succulents, orchids and big house plants. We have a wide range of plants of all sizes, in a variety of attractive pots finished in The Little Botanical’s very own style.

Any queries regarding plant care can be answered by taking a look at our FAQ section.