Mini Pink Kalanchoe


Kalanchoe’s provide long lasting blooms and are just the perfect gift for that special person.

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Kalanchoe blooms last for several weeks. They like bright natural light and remember they are succulents, so don’t treat them like a standard indoor houseplant. They have fleshy leaves and stems and like all succulents, don’t like being too wet. Top tip, don’t let them sit in water. Placing a Mini Pink Kalanchoe in your living space is a great why to brighten up the area, making it more friendly and welcoming to friends and family!

Additional information

Internal Pot Diameter (CM):


Pot Height (CM):


Estimated Plant Height (CM):

Mini plants (8cm – 15cm)


Easy to look after


Pink and copper pot

Suitable for:

Light spaces

Plant Care

Water into the soil not over the flowers. Twice a month at the most and don’t let them sit in water.


A pretty succulent in a pink pot- what’s not to love!