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Our Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Gift that Grows

23 February 2022 | Seasonal Plants

We can hardly believe it, but Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to show your lovely mum just how much you appreciate her than with a gorgeous green gift that grows?

We are at long last looking at a Mother’s Day where we can actually see our marvellous mums in person, so why not give her a fabulous gift of green alongside her long-awaited, in real life, Mother’s Day hug!

So, whether you’re on a tight budget or want to treat your mum to a luxury plant bundle, we’ve got some fab Mother’s Day gift ideas to share with you. And what’s more, if you’re not going to be seeing your mum in person on the big day you can send our green beauties directly to your mum’s door, complete with a gift note, handwritten by us on one of our bespoke TLB postcards.

Whatever you choose, we’re confident she’ll cherish something from this beautiful selection of Mother’s Day houseplants.

What Makes Houseplants the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

Houseplants make the ultimate Mother’s Day presents because there are just so many to choose from. From hardy succulents to delicate floral friends, there’s something for everyone – even if that someone doesn’t realise she loves plants yet!

And did you know plants have a wealth of health benefits? They can improve the air quality around you, boost your mood, and add some calm to your home space, distracting you from the worries and stresses of everyday life.

They’re also an excellent way to give your home an interior refresh. Whether you’re redecorating or breathing new life into an old room, plants can make your home feel re-energised and renewed.

There’s more than meets the eye with the humble houseplant, which is why they’re the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Our Pick of the Bunch

Lovingly handpicked by The Little Botanical team, get your (green) fingers on these botanical beauties this Mother’s Day…

The Calathea and Succulent Plant Gang

If your mum enjoys having her plants out on display, she’ll love showing off this leafy trio.

This plant gang is ideal for adding a touch of texture to the corner of a room or a dash of elegance to create an indoor jungle. Or, if your mum prefers, she can split them up and place them in different areas of her home.

The gorgeous Calathea plant is designed to take centre stage. Also known as the prayer plant, its leaves move up at dusk to look like praying hands. During the day, they open up again, allowing the plant to get as much light as possible.

And Calathea plant care couldn’t be easier. Just water it every seven days, checking the soil every now and then to make sure it doesn’t dry out. Given how easy it is to look after, it’s arguably the most popular type of Calathea.

The Calathea’s two succulent friends complete the set with their cool tropical vibes. Planted in our bespoke soft pink and copper pots, they’re super sweet and packed with character; just like your mum.

Calathea and Succulent Plant Gang

The Love Heart Succulent Gang

Share the love with our small but mighty mini succulent trio. With two heart-shaped succulents and a stunning pale purple Lilacina, this sweet selection is sure to put a smile on your mum’s face.

Not only do these lovely sweetheart succulents look great, but they’re oh-so-easy to care for. All they need is a touch of water every two to three weeks, and they’ll be right as rain. Just try not to get them too wet, as this doesn’t make them very happy.

They also like sunlight, so tell your mum to pop them somewhere sunny if she can.

Our heart succulent gang will arrive at your mum’s door in our signature unglazed stoneware, making it a gorgeous ready-made gift she can enjoy for months to come.

Love Heart Succulent Gang

The Mother’s Day Colourful Plant Gang

This stunning selection contains some of our most colourful Mother’s Day plants and is the ideal plant bundle to put out on show on a windowsill, coffee table or feature shelf. They’re also the perfect pop of colour to brighten your mum’s day.

Featuring a selection of three spikey succulents and two flowering houseplants, this gang is a thoughtful gift for mums who struggle to choose between their favourite plants.

And each plant is unique in its own way. The succulents don’t require much attention at all, but your mum will enjoy spending some extra love and care on the flowering rose. With the right nurture, the rose will stay fresh and pretty for a week or two.

As if these plants weren’t pretty enough already, they are complemented beautifully by our signature, hand-painted pink and copper ceramics, blooming lovely.

Mother’s Day Colourful Plant Gang

The Orchid and Succulent Duo

In Victorian England, orchids were given as a gift to represent love and affection – so what better way to show your mum how much she means to you than with an orchid for Mother’s Day?

Nothing exudes elegance better than the graceful orchid. In a range of bright, vibrant colours, they make the perfect addition to any home and are guaranteed to take pride of place wherever your mum chooses to display it.

All our orchids are British grown and long-lasting. They’re also surprisingly low maintenance. They only need 20-30ml of water every 10 to 14 days and a light misting every now and then to keep the moss moist.

Both our orchid flower and succulent plant come in matching concrete pots, creating a contemporary finishing touch your marvellous mum’s sure to love.

Orchid and succulent duo

The Pretty Pink Plant Gang

If your mum loves plants but finds it hard to keep them alive, look no further. This gorgeous selection of pretty pink plants makes a thoughtful gift she’s sure to cherish.

They’ll fit right in with a range of home interiors, taking pride of place wherever she chooses to show them off. And not only do they add a touch of colour, but each plant is completely unique, bringing the perfect amount of charm to your mum’s home this Mother’s Day.

Like many plants here at The Little Botanical, these four potted beauties are easy to look after. They only need a little bit of water every couple of weeks, while the cactus barely needs any at all. And now that the warmer weather’s (hopefully) just around the corner, you’ll be able to watch it flourish.

Pretty Pink Plant Gang

The Copper Trio Succulent House

This oh-so-stylish trio of gorgeous succulents housed in our super chic copper pots in a black metal house is just perfect for the mum who loves style as much as she loves plants.

From a kitchen sideboard to a bathroom shelf, this trendy trio will bring a huge injection of green style to whatever room your mum chooses to show them off in. And they’re fabulously easy to look after too, just tell your mum that they like a light spot and not too much water – green styling has never been so simple.

Copper Trio Succulent House

Copper trio succulent house

Philodendron in Marble Plant Stand

The stunning heart-shaped leaves of a Philodendron are a fab way to show your mum just how much she’s loved this Mother’s Day. This gorgeous Mother’s Day plant gift sees the Philodendron housed in our fabulously chic, marble plant stand, just perfect for showing off this trailing green beauty.

Your mum is sure to love choosing a dull corner to brighten up in her home with this oh so stylish glossy, green beauty.

Philodendron in Marble Plant Stand

The Philodendron Plant Gang

If your mum is a fan of a trailing plant, then look no further for your perfect Mother’s Day plant gift; this Philodendron plant gang is sure to be a big hit with your lovely mum. In this set the stunning Philodendron is potted in our neutral, unglazed stoneware, which is perfectly complemented by two super cute, trailing succulents in our soft pink and copper ceramics. The fab combo of neutral, soft pink and gorgeous greenery makes for a wonderfully calming, tranquil vibe; trailing plant perfection.

Philodendron Plant Gang

Tigris Watering Can & Succulent Gift Set

This little gift set is a fab choice for a plant-loving mum. The gorgeously textured Mini Haworthia comes potted in your choice of our oh so stylish grey and copper or black and gold accented ceramic. The Tigris mini watering can have been designed with style and functionality in mind. It comes in either gold or copper to match your chosen ceramic and they really do make the perfect pair adding some serious botanical style to your mum’s interiors.

Tigris Watering Can & Succulent Gift Set

Those finishing touches…

If you’re looking to go the extra mile this Mother’s Day, why not create your very own gift bundle and pick a mini add-on you think your mum will love?

Whether your mum prefers large, leafy greens or small, dainty flowers, spoil her with her favourite fauna or flora and team it with one of our gorgeous pick-me-ups to add that extra special finishing touch.

The Hoya Kerrii Double Heart Succulent

This double shaped heart succulent is the ultimate gift of love this Mother’s Day. It’s been carefully planted by our wonderful team to take on the shape of a double heart – how cute is that?

The Hoya heart succulent will look beautiful on a shelf or home office desk, offering the perfect source of inspiration when your mum needs it the most. Just give it a little drink every now and then and this happy little fella will stay beautiful for weeks, if not months to come.

What’s better, it comes in a choice of three different – but equally gorgeous – pots. Choose from black and gold, grey and copper or pink and copper. We may be biased, but we don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

Hoya Kerrii (Double Heart)

The Hoya Kerrii Single Heart Succulent

If you’re on a slightly tighter budget, the Hoya Kerrii single heart succulent plant is a sweet little add-on. It’s a touch smaller than the double heart Kerrii, but pair it with a bottle of bubbly and a large box of chocolates and you’ll firmly blot the ink in your mum’s good books this year.

Like the larger Kerrii Hoya heart succulent, you can choose the pot colour you like best. Our signature pots are made with high-quality ceramic and hand-painted for an individual, rustic finish. No two pots are the same, making them just as unique as your lovely mum.

Hoya Kerrii (Single Heart)

The Mini Pink Kalanchoe

Our stunning Mini Pink Kalanchoe succulent, which is also known as the Pink Kalanchoe Mother of Thousands, is one of the best plants for Mother’s Day. It’s also exclusive to the 27th March, making it the perfect add-on for the special person in your life.

It’s long-lasting and oh-so-easy to care for, adding a beautiful pop of colour to your mum’s home. Once it flowers, it’ll produce blooms for weeks, to be enjoyed over and over.

To keep it as fresh and healthy as possible, remove any dead or wilting flowers. That’ll leave it looking like new. Kalanchoe also loves the light, so pop it on a windowsill or leave it in a bright room to keep it at its best.

Mini Pink Kalanchoe

The Mother’s Day Mini Rose

Our Mother’s Day Mini Rose is another exclusive beauty. The Mini Rose blooms for up to 14 days. When it does, it looks like a micro bunch of flowers – but better, thanks to our signature bespoke ceramic pot.

While the Mini Rose requires a little more attention than our other houseplants, your mum’s sure to enjoy giving it the love and care it needs. Each rose plant’s colour varies, but take our word for it that each one is as stunning as the next.

But hurry, you’ll have to get it before it’s gone…

If you’re looking to create a funky duo, why not team this plant with others in our add-on range? It’ll pair perfectly with our Mini Cacti or Mini Haworthia.

Alternatively, you could pair this floral beauty or any of our cute little add-ons with something from our accessories range, we love our stylish and functional Zab Plant Mister. This super handy mister comes in your choice of antique gold or copper to match perfectly with the metallic accent on your chosen ceramic.

Mother’s Day Mini Rose

Why not browse our full range of Mother’s Day present ideas to find the perfect botanical beauty? We have a wide range of plants and flowers to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to put a smile on your marvellous mum’s face.

Discover more Mother’s Day plant gift ideas

Order in time for Mother’s Day.

We hope we’ve given you plenty of Mother’s Day inspiration and you can now find the perfect plant gift to make sure your mum knows how special she is. As ever, if you have any questions about any of our Mother’s Day plant picks please do get in touch; [email protected]. And don’t forget to order in time for the big day. Wishing all you lovely plant people a fabulous day with your mums this year.

Lots of love Team TLB xx

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