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The Benefits of Including Plant Care In Your Morning Routine

Did you know that including plant care in your morning routine can help to alleviate stress and add a sense of calm to your day? Here at Team TLB, we know that this time of year can feel especially hectic but actually, life, in general, has the potential to be pretty full-on. From time to time we certainly feel the stresses and strains of all the plates we seem to be spinning and we imagine you probably do too. We find that all too often, stressful days start almost from the minute we wake up in the morning.

From the moment we open our eyes, our minds are instantly full of to-do lists for the day ahead with barely a second to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of toast. From snoozing your alarm a few too many times to reaching straight for your phone before you’re even fully awake, we can all be guilty of not giving ourselves the best start to our busy days.

So, how can we have a better start to the day?

Fortunately, there are things we can do to help lessen the strain – yay! Making some small changes to our morning activities can have a huge impact on our stress levels. Putting in place a regular routine is beneficial, both psychologically and physically and is a super effective way to set you up for a productive day.

We admit, it might take a little determination to get going with a new morning routine; setting your alarm a smidge earlier to make sure there’s enough time to carry out your new activity of choice might take some getting used to. But once you’re in the swing of it, you’ll soon be reaping the benefits of higher productivity, reduced stress levels and increased energy. All you need to do now is choose a pastime that’s worth getting up for…

You might fancy incorporating some energy-boosting yoga or peaceful meditation. Perhaps an energetic HIIT class or a run outdoors appeals to you.

Along with this, the activity we would highly recommend for your new morning routine is some oh so calming plant care! And here’s why; this week we’re here to tell you the many and varied ways in which plants can improve your morning mojo.

From their calming green colour to their noise-absorbing abilities to name just a few, there really is an abundance of benefits to be had from including plant care in your morning routine.

Your Green Daily Routine

As we said above, having a regular morning routine is so helpful for decreasing stress levels and increasing productivity and including plant care into this routine is especially helpful. The simple act of caring for your leafy friends will help you to relax and stay calm. As the morning plant care routine starts to become second nature, we’re sure you will look forward to these stress-busting morning moments. Feel yourself relax as you potter about, watering and pruning your lovely plants.

These simple tasks will help you ease into the day ahead, giving you a precious moment of me-time whilst also doing something productive. There aren’t many things we can do in the morning that are productive and relaxing! So, encourage yourself to create some new, healthy habits. When you wake up with a busy mind, give yourself a moment, take a few deep breaths, stop yourself from instantly scrolling on your little digital friend and use some therapeutic plant care to focus your mind and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

And the benefits don’t end there, read on to discover even more reasons why plants can improve your mornings.

Reducing the Daily Stresses of Life

The benefits of bringing the outdoors into your home and work environments are becoming more and more accepted in recent times. And choosing to incorporate the care of your indoor jungle into the start of your day only serves to enhance the benefits of green living.

Concentrating on providing care to a living object is a fabulous way to relieve the stresses and strains of daily life, giving you a much-needed destressing outlet. Don’t just take our word for it; results from a scientific study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology suggest that interaction with plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress, induce “comfortable, soothed and natural feelings” and lower blood pressure. We already knew, but this just re-affirms it for us, plants are just wondrous.

The last thing you want to do when you’re aiming to create a moment of calm in the morning, relishing the benefits of your indoor jungle, is to inadvertently give yourself extra jobs to do. How irritating would it be to find that at the end of your plant care routine you’ve got spills and drips to mop up? Fear not, here at Team TLB, we’ve got just the thing to help you avoid this very scenario. Take a look at our beautiful antique gold watering can designed with an ergonomic spout to avoid drips, you’ll be able to calmly water your leafy beauties and there’ll be no extra jobs to be doing before the kettle’s boiled.

Plants Are Great at Absorbing Noise

As your household wakes in the morning, all the hustle and bustle of people rushing round to get out of the door on time can be pretty noisy and downright stressful. Amazingly, whilst you busy yourself tending to your plants in the morning, your leafy beauties actually act as noise absorbers. As well as providing you with a calming activity to start your day they will also dull the constant noise of a busy household helping you to stay calm right through to lunch!

If you love the idea of using plants to absorb the noise in your hectic household, we’d recommend choosing a big, leafy statement plant like the XL Bird of Paradise. His fabulous paddle-shaped, luscious green leaves will make a superb style statement whilst adding softness and texture to your interiors. Alternatively, check out our living walls; they are the ultimate statement in green styling as well as oh so useful noise absorbers.

The Calming Colour of Green

Filling your home with green beauties has so many benefits – we know you know this because we’re always shouting about them! However, one fabulous benefit that we sometimes overlook is the calming vibes they can induce thanks simply to their gorgeous green colour. Psychologists believe that different colours can conjure different feelings and reactions within us. And green, thanks largely to its association with nature, is widely associated with feelings of calm and tranquillity.

We can all appreciate how a gorgeous walk in the great outdoors can calm us and relieve stress. But a lovely, long outdoor walk is not always possible, especially first thing in the morning, so instead, lose yourself in your soothing indoor greenery when you rise and shine and enjoy the restful, quiet and calming effects on your mind, body and soul.

Air Purifying Qualities

As you’ll know if you read our recent blog about styling your bedroom with indoor plants, including houseplants in your interiors is so beneficial, not least thanks to their magical ability to purify and detoxify the air around us. So, including plants in your bedroom décor will help you sleep better, giving you a better start to the day. Wake up feeling well-rested and continue to reap the calming and de-stressing benefits of all this lovely dehumidified and purified air as you busy yourself caring for your green beauties each morning; watering them, checking their leaves, ensuring they’re getting enough sunlight.

These activities are so much more engaging than staring at a screen and will help to get your brain into gear and well-prepped for the day ahead. Here at TLB, we have a super range of air-purifying plants, we’re particularly fond of our air purifying bundle, combining three of our most popular air purifying plant heroes; they’ll help you to relax whilst they’re busy combating toxins and improving the quality of the air around us. And they are delivered to your door ready to go, as ever in our gorgeous ceramics.

Our Top Plants For Helping You Destress and Relax

Now that we’ve got you eagerly wanting to start a morning routine of plant care to get your day off to a super smooth start, your thoughts might be turning to add some more luscious green beauties to your indoor jungle. Now, any and all of our leafy friends will do a fabulous job of helping to induce those lovely feelings of relaxation and calm. But, of course, if you’re in need of a little inspiration, there are some gorgeous green beauties that we think are just wonderful for helping you to destress and relax. Read on to discover more.

The oh-so-calming Peace Lily

Firstly, our Big Peace Lily is simply stunning and, known as ‘the bringer of peace’ is an absolute must-have for bringing calm and tranquillity to your home. The gorgeous green leaves are serenely offset by beautiful white blooms. With wonderful air-purifying qualities, this striking plant will brighten up any area of your home and is available in a choice of stoneware or our signature cotton and seagrass belly basket.

Say hello to the Aloe Vera

With wonderful air purifying and healing properties, our next pick is the fabulous Aloe Vera. Potted in our super stylish grey ceramic with a varnished base, the long, luscious leaves will add quirky, funky texture to your home. He’ll be a tonic on the eyes as well as the soul first thing in the morning.

The stunning Sansevieria

Our Sansevieria, fondly known as Snakey here at Team TLB, is another top choice for a calm and serene indoor jungle. According to Feng Shui principles, our Snakey will bring good luck and cut through negative energy, we definitely like the idea of that. There’ll be no getting out of bed on the wrong side with this tall, spiky leaved guy doing his thing.

What about a trailing indoor plant?

For an instant interior refresh alongside your injection of calm, have a look at our Spider Plant in a Macrame Plant Hanger. This superset comes complete with the plant, ceramic and hanger so all you need to do is choose the perfect wall or ceiling to hang your trailing beauty and let the feelings of calm descend. Our gorgeous macrame plant hangers are handwoven by artisans using sustainable cotton and eucalyptus – the perfect choice to add interest and style to your interior, particularly if you’re a little short on floor space. The fabulous stripy leaves of the Spider Plant will add a tropical vibe and he’s super easy to care for too – we don’t want anything too burdensome to worry about in the morning.

The astounding Areca Palm

How could you not feel awash with feelings of peace and serenity in the company of our oh so stunning, tropical beauty; the Areca Palm. With his big palmy leaves, this statement plant will certainly bring the jungle vibes to your indoor greenery and is sure to chase away any morning blues.

For a less tropical but no less calming vibe, take a look at our trailing beauty; the English Ivy. This is another air-purifying superhero and looks simply stunning when popped high up on a shelf to trail beautifully down the wall.

If you’re a newbie plant parent either of our last two picks; the Dracaena Marginata or the Dracaena Bi-colour would be a brilliant choice. These spiky statement plants add an abundance of style and are super easy to care for too.

So there we have it, so many reasons to make plant care part of your morning routine, what are you waiting for? There’s no need to wait for New Year to get started with this resolution. The sooner you start the sooner the change will become a habit and a calmer more relaxed routine will be your new normal; your busy stressed-out self will be a distant memory. As always, if you have any questions about anything in this blog or general green-related questions, we’d love to hear from you, drop us a line at [email protected]. Until next time plant people.

Lots of love

Team TLB xx

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