PlantBox Outdoor Living Wall with Herbs – Set of 5


A living wall full of gorgeous fragrant herbs. This is the perfect solution for a small outdoor space or to create a feature on an outdoor garden wall.


PlantBox is a super clever system, with a unique watering system that makes looking after plants easy. This living wall delivery includes 5 PlantBox troughs, 20 herb plants and 5L of soil. All you need to make your very own Vertical Garden!

This 5 trough system is perfect to transform a small outdoor space or make a feature out of a wall on your patio. Measuring 60cm across and 1 metre tall, this living wall will transform your space. Build your own with our herb living wall package that includes everything you need to create an on-trend vertical garden. Easy to put together and sturdy, the plant boxes are made of recycled plastic. Each trough has a 1.8L water reservoir that’s enough for a week at least – so no daily watering is required. This really is such a simple set up, it could not be any easier.

Add this PlantBox to your garden and you won’t be disappointed. Watch the selection of herbs grow before your eyes creating a scented wall of texture and greenery. Enjoy using them to cook and they are such a lovely scent to enjoy when sitting in your garden or balcony.

NOTE: Wall fixings are not included and herbs may vary from the images shown.

Additional information

Wall height

60cm width by 1m tall

Total height

1 metre

Plant Care

The Herb Plant Box Living Wall is perfect for your outdoor space. Plant the Herbs in the troughs and ensure the water reservoir is filled once a week, now enjoy those Herbs and the scent. Position in spot with good light. The plant box can either stand on the ground or can be easily attached to a wall or balcony.

Trough Features:

  • 5 Troughs are stackable, with strong clips to hold the troughs in place
  • Water reservoir (holds 1.8 litres)
  • Capillary wicking felt allows plant roots to draw up water as needed
  • Water indicator tells you when to fill up
  • Each planting trough is 12cm deep and holds 3-6 plants (5 troughs easily holds 20 Herbs included)
  • Small footprint, so it’s ideal for balconies, roof gardens, patios or conservatories.
  • Easily attached to boundary walls, fence posts, balcony railings or conservatory walls.

PlantBox is British made from 100% recycled plastic.


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Build your own, on-trend living wall with these plant boxes, herbs and soil. Everything for you need to create your own living wall delivered directly to your door!