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Green Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Well, hello June, we’ve been waiting for you! It’s certainly an exciting time of year, the weather is hotting up, friends to see, socialising to be done and right in the middle of it all, we mustn’t forget to celebrate those very important father figures in our lives.

If you’re looking for some gift ideas for Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June, then keep reading. Here at The Little Botanical we’ve got some fab Father’s Day gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on the big man’s face on the big day.

Your Father’s Day Gift Guide

Whether the father figure in your life is a green-fingered afficionado or a newbie to the world of houseplants, we’re sure to have a green beauty to suit him and his tastes so give him a gift that keeps on giving this Father’s Day. From easy-care houseplants to brighten his space, to plants for the more confident plant parent or personalised pots that he’ll treasure, keep reading for our rundown of top gift ideas for dad.

The Humble Houseplant

First up, we have our gift ideas for Father’s Day with individual plants that we think even the manliest of men will be proud to have on display.


Known also as a Zamio or ZZ Plant, this vibrant green, leafy beauty is a brilliant choice for a father figure who is so busy being an all-round superhero, he hasn’t got much spare time for plant care.

This hardy houseplant brings a joyous burst of green to your home and makes a popular choice thanks to his willingness to be somewhat neglected; he can last for weeks without water and won’t really complain if he’s placed in a dark room either. Perfect if your dad has a man cave he likes to hide in from time to time.

If you would like a particularly happy Zamio though, pop him in a shady area, away from direct sunlight and give him water about once every 4 weeks once his soil is completely dry.

Zamioculcas, £20.50 – £22

Sansevieria Punk

Punk by name, punk by nature, this crazy-looking guy is another super easy-care choice; he’ll be happy with just a very small amount of water directly into his soil every 1 to 2 months! With his impressively distinctive spray of thin, rigid leaves, this green beauty will bring oodles of botanical style to your dad’s décor. And with a choice of 7 different bespoke ceramics, there is sure to be an option to suit your dad.

You can even make this particular gift completely unique by adding a personalised message.

Sansevieria Punk, £20

Blue Star Fern

Ferns are a lovely choice to bring real texture and interest to an indoor jungle and the Blue Star variety is no exception. With his elongated fronds in a stunning, green-blue hue, he will add an air of sophistication to your dad’s space and will also contrast beautifully with any greenery already on display.

The fab fern will be happy in almost any position although do avoid direct sunlight, draughts and radiators. And make sure he’s watered thoroughly once the top layer of soil has dried out. He will also enjoy a mist every now and again.

Blue Star Fern, £20.50

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Large, paddle-shaped, vibrant green leaves help to make this majestic beauty stand out from the crowd. He will make the perfect gift for a father figure who likes to make a statement. Whether standing alone or as a centrepiece in a bigger indoor jungle, this beauty is sure to be admired.

To ensure he stays fresh and flourishing, keep him out of draughts and away from radiators in a well-lit spot. Give him a drink every 7 to 10 days when the top 3 to 4 inches of soil are dry and give his lovely big leaves a gentle wipe if they start to gather dust.

Fiddle Leaf Fig, £22

Plant Gang Gifts

If you think a single houseplant just won’t cut the mustard for your top dad this Father’s Day, you’ll be keen to hear the plant gangs we have available are perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day. Keep reading for our favourite options for a smile-raising Father’s day present.

Herb Mix

We also have some great gift ideas for Father’s Day for those budding chef’s out there. If your dad is a bit of a culinary enthusiast, then he will love this selection of British-grown, edible herbs. A treat for his eyes, nose and tastebuds, this selection comes as a set of 6 or 10 herbs and includes some classic favourites such as thymus, lavender, mint and rosemary.

And why not take this gift up a level by treating your dad to our charcoal or almond stoneware pots to display his new herb garden, the muted tones complement the green herbs perfectly.

Make sure dad waters his herbs regularly to keep them fresh and gives them a good trim to keep the new growth coming. If he chooses to plant them in the garden, he should keep them weed free and prune away any older leaves about once a month.

Herb Mix, £36 – £54

Desk Buddy Plant Gang

Help dad to spruce up his office with this oh so cute collection of easy-care greenery that’s just perfect for nestling on the edge of a desk or shelf to bring some stylish, spiky vibes.

This fab little bundle combines the Sansevieria Punk with an Aloe succulent and a Mini Haworthia. Not only does this fab trio look great, they are super easy to look after too; simply water them every 3 to 4 weeks – easy peasy!

Desk Buddy Plant Gang, £42 – £46

Succulent Plant Gang

Continuing with the easy-care succulent theme, here is another superb trio to make dad’s day. Combining a Haworthia, a Crassula and a Miranda, this fab selection brings oodles of style with plenty of texture and interest for a plant-scape.

And with easy care credentials as well, this is a one of the best gift ideas for Father’s Day for a busy dad.

Succulent Plant Gang, £38 – £42

Air-Purifying Bundles

Give your dad the gift of fresh air with either of these next two bundles.

Air-Purifying Sansevieria Selection

A cute duo of best-selling, air-purifying Sansevieria plants; a spikey and a punk. This distinctive pair, potted in our gorgeous bespoke ceramics make a perfect gift idea for Father’s Day for Father’s Day.

And they’re ever so easy to look after too, these tough little beauties will only need water every 3 to 4 weeks.

Air-Purifying Sansevieria Selection, £44

Air-Purifying Bundle

This aptly named plant gang combines a trio of air-purifying powerhouses to bring style and clean air in one neat little package. The Sansevieria Snakey, Sansevieria Punk and Weeping Fig will add plenty of green style to your dad’s space and they are nice and easy to care for too.

The Sansevieria plants will enjoy a well-lit spot but thanks to their easy-going nature, they’ll also cope in a darker space and they only need watering once a fortnight. The Weeping Fig will need water once a week and should be kept away from draughts and radiators.

Air-Purifying Bundle, £55

Houseplants and Coaster Gift Set

For an undeniably stylish father figure, this houseplants and coaster gift set could be just what you’re looking for. Combining a stunning Peace Lily in charcoal stoneware and a Devil’s Ivy in almond stoneware with a pair of large mango wood coasters, this set is stylish and sustainable in equal measure.

The gorgeous greenery can be placed upon the coasters for added height or the coasters can be put to other uses.

Both of these plants are nice and easy to look after, needing water no more than once a week and will enjoy a bright spot away from direct sunlight.

Houseplants and Coaster Gift Set, £55

Back to Black Candle Gift Set

For something a little bit different for your dad this Father’s Day, take a look at this gorgeous gift set that pairs an easy-care Haworthia succulent with our invigorating Pomegranate & Berry luxury, hand-poured candle.

Potted and poured in our oh so chic black glazed ceramics, this set will bring an injection of chic style as well as gorgeous scent to your dad’s space…it’s so good you might not want to give it away!

Back to Black Candle Gift Set, £48

Finishing Touches

To make your dad’s gift extra special this year we have a range of accessories to help you take your gifting to the next level.

Choose from stylish yet functional watering cans and misters to help make dad’s plant care routine a breeze. Or perhaps he’d love to add some texture and height to his indoor jungle with our sustainable mango wood coasters.

Alternatively, you might add some bed time reading to your gift with one of our handy little books, choose between My Tiny Window Garden, My Tiny Kitchen Garden or The Little Book for Plant Parents. Whichever you decide on, your dad is sure to enjoy the handy tips and tricks within to help him keep his new plants tip top.

And last but by no means least, the ultimate in finishing touches for your Father’s Day plant gift just has to be our personalisation service. Look for the ‘personalise me’ label on the plant listing and be sure to add your very own message to your order. We’ll then add it to the plant pot for a completely personal and unique gift for your main man.

We hope we’ve brought you plenty of Father’s Day gifting inspiration this week. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about anything in our Father’s Day range; [email protected], we’re always happy to help.

And however you’re spending the big day this year, we hope you enjoy it with your lovely dads.

With love,

Team TLB xx

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