Monstera plants are known for their distinctive, perforated leaves. These holes and splits in the leaves are not only visually striking but also help them in their natural habitat. The holes and splits help the plant withstand strong winds and heavy rains by allowing air and water to pass through.

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More about Monstera plants

One of our most popular Monsteras is the Monstera deliciosa. This grows best in humid and warm environments, requiring dappled or partial light, acidic or neutral, well-drained soil, and warmer temperatures.

Monstera (also often known as the Swiss cheese plant), is a tropical wonder loved by designers around the world for its “wow” factor. Its glossy, heart-shaped split leaves are easy to spot and it grows fast – about 1 to 2 feet a year. At about three years you have a full-grown Monstera, which, unsurprisingly, is how it gained its monsterous name!

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