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Monstera Monkey Leaf Care Guide

Monstera Monkey Leaf Care Guide

With its unique, holey, green leaves the Monstera Monkey Leaf is a very distinctive looking plant. It’s the little sibling of the Swiss Cheese plant and is the perfect addition to your indoor jungle.

Did you know? Monstera plants are inclined to vine and like to secure their aerial roots to trees, rocks and the forest floor in their native land of Central America and Southern Mexico.


Water your Monkey Leaf once a week, just let the soil dry out a little first


The plant loves bright light, but can’t tolerate direct sunlight, as this can scorch or bleach its leaves


The Monkey Leaf is happiest in more humid environments, so will benefit from regular misting

Things To Do

Monstera Monkey Leaf

The Monstera Monkey Leaf enjoys regular watering. Give your plant a drink once a week, allowing the soil to dry out a little first. You can water your plant a lot less frequently in the winter – approximately every fortnight, depending on how the soil feels.

 The plant also thrives in a humid environment, that’s why it benefits from regular misting. You could also place it in a bathroom or kitchen, it will enjoy the extra moisture in the air.

During the spring and summer months, feed your plant with a general houseplant fertiliser to encourage growth. Keep an eye on yellowing leaves, as this is a sign your plant has been getting too much light or moisture. Brown leaves indicate not enough light or humidity

Things Not To Do

Monstera Monkey Leaf

While the Monstera Monkey Leaf can tolerate low or dappled light, the growth will be slower without enough sunlight, so try and position your plant in a bright and airy space.

The Monstera Monkey Leaf’s not a pet or child-friendly plant, so keep it out of reach of paws or little hands. The plant’s perfect for a tall shelf, as the leaves love to trail over the pot as they grow. With support to guide the leaves, they’ll climb too.

 Ensure the room you keep your plant in is above 12ºC, or your plant will struggle to grow.

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