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Houseplants and Humidity: How To Get it Right

What’s the humidity level in your home? That’s not a question that most of us ever have to give much thought to. And then we become plant parents and suddenly the humidity needs of our green beauties are a hot topic.

Here at TLB, we know it can seem like a bit of a minefield trying to work out how to achieve the right humidity levels to ensure happy houseplants. Especially if you find yourself drawn to those gorgeous tropical beauties, native to rainforests with hot and humid growing conditions. Humidity-loving houseplants like the Boston Fern, Fiddle Leaf Fig and Prayer Plant, to name but a few, are some of our favourites too.

But if you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to produce enough humidity in your home to replicate a rainforest and keep these tropical beauties thriving, then fear not, TLB is here to help. This week, we are bringing you our top tips for increasing humidity in your home to keep your plants happy, and you’ll be pleased to hear, it’s not as hard as you might think. Follow these top tips and any humidity-related problems your plants might be suffering from will be a thing of the past. Get ready to wave goodbye to brown and crispy leaf tips and yellowing foliage.

Read on for The Little Botanical’s top tips for increasing humidity for your plants.

Group Plants Together

A fab way to increase humidity levels for your green beauties is to create a plant gang. Placing several plants all together in your home has so many benefits. For starters it looks oh so stylish, bringing indoor jungle vibes to your interiors. Plants are known to be natural air purifiers and including them in your home increases productivity and feelings of calm, meaning there are benefits to having plants in your décor beyond style. And, it is a wondrous fact, that houseplants placed near each other will act as humidifiers for one another. How fabulous that your gorgeous green beauties are good for you and each other.

Our self-humidifying plant bundles

With so many benefits to be had, it’s not surprising that plant gangs are so popular among you lovely plant people and here at TLB, we love them too. That’s why we have created a range of fab plant bundles. We’ve done all the hard work for you, choosing the plants that work well together and they’ll arrive at your door, ready to go in their gorgeous pots. Serious style and humidity heaven all in one gorgeous green package!

We think any of our plant gangs will work wonders for your interior style and humidity levels, but take a look below for the bundles that the TLB team are particularly fond of for giving humidity levels a helping hand.

The My Home Bundle

Let’s start with one of our bestsellers, the gorgeous My Home Bundle. This gorgeous bunch is a winning combo of leafy green plants and cute succulents all housed in our bespoke ceramics; you’re spoilt for choice between our signature black and gold, green and gold or grey concrete pots. Give these green beauties a home in your home and let them bring super style, purified air and of course, increased humidity. When green style is made this easy, it’s no surprise that this bundle is a bestseller!

Take a look at the Gift of Green

Next up is the stunning Gift of Green bundle, combining a beautiful Mini Monstera Monkey Leaf and Calathea Rufibarba, both in our gorgeous grey, textured pots with one of the cutest plants in our collection; the Hoya Kerrii single heart in our bespoke black and gold ceramic. This collection makes a gorgeous gift for a plant-loving friend, or why not treat yourself and enjoy those indoor jungle vibes.

Add a touch of style with the Asparagus Fern & Succulent Gang

Talking of houseplants and humidity, take a peek at our Asparagus Fern & Succulent Gang. The delicate, feathery and beautifully textured Asparagus Fern comes potted in our naturally chic almond stoneware and pairs perfectly with a mini and medium Echeveria succulent, both in our stylish concrete pots. This green gang is the perfect mix of an urban jungle and contemporary style, and although ferns are known to require a little more TLC when it comes to plant care, this Asparagus Fern isn’t as demanding as some other ferns, just make sure he’s watered every 7-10 days and give his leaves a good mist regularly.

Think about plant placement

As we’ve already mentioned, it can be tricky to replicate the humidity levels of a plant’s natural habitat in our homes, especially when said natural habitat is a tropical rainforest. Our homes here in the UK tend to have quite a low level of humidity, especially in the winter months when we have the central heating on and the doors and windows mostly closed to the chilly elements. However, there are some areas in our homes that generally have higher humidity levels than others which brings us on to our next top tip all about giving some thought to where in our homes we position our plants.

If you are a loving plant parent to some tropical beauties that need high humidity levels, it is a great idea to position them in your kitchen or bathroom, where humidity levels are naturally higher than in other areas of your home. Placing your houseplants in these areas will provide them with much-needed humidity and encourage them to thrive. What’s more, bringing the outdoors into your kitchen or bathroom makes a fab style statement too. Have a read of our blog all about the best plants for your bathroom to get some inspo and in the meantime, here are our top picks of the best plants to greenify your kitchen or bathroom.

Houseplants and humidity in the Bathroom

You’ve guessed it, the Bathroom Plant Bundle is the perfect selection of green beauties to live in your bathroom and ideal when considering houseplants and humidity. This selection of six, humidity-loving green beauties, will provide an instant refresh, bringing texture, colour, height and style to your space. Relax and unwind with a lovely, long, hot shower; you can admire the green view and your plants will get a fab humidity fix, win-win.

Here at TLB, we just love ferns, and this Fern Trio Plant Gang is one of our faves. This selection of a Boston Fern, Asparagus Fern and Blue Star Fern brings heaps of textured style to your home and they are perfectly complemented by our gorgeous almond and charcoal stoneware. In return for all the style that these ferns bring, they do require slightly more attention in the way of plant care than some other houseplants. As well as needing moist but not soggy soil through watering every 7-10 days, they will do best with high levels of humidity. So, placing these green beauties in the kitchen or bathroom is one way to easily make their slightly trickier care needs easier to meet.

Urban jungle vibes

If you’d like to add some green style to your kitchen or bathroom but would prefer something a little more easy-care than our fern trio, we’d recommend the Jungle Plant Gang. The three green beauties in this selection have been specifically chosen because they are easy to care for, hurray! As you can guess from the name, they do hail from warmer, more humid climes, so they will be very happy to enjoy the humidity in your kitchen or bathroom whilst adding oodles of urban jungle vibes.

A safe-spacing plant solution

Here at TLB, we know that some kitchens and bathrooms are on the small and cosy side, if that sounds like your space, we have the perfect, space-saving plant solution for you. Take a look at our macrame plant hangers. The TLB plant hangers are handwoven by artisans using sustainable cotton and eucalyptus and they feature intricate knotting and tassel details so they’re gorgeous to look at even before you add plants! Depending on the space you have, you can choose a smaller hanger with a Peperomia succulent or a medium hanger with a Spider Plant. Whichever is best for your space, these beauties will bring some serious retro green style hanging from a shelf or the ceiling in your chosen room.

Discover the benefits of plant misting

A popular tried and tested way to increase humidity levels for your houseplants is to mist them regularly. Misting the leaves of your plants will provide them with an increase in humidity and is a super easy activity to incorporate into your plant care routine. Misting your plants is particularly beneficial at the beginning of the winter when we tend to whack the heating up in our homes, causing the humidity levels to drop. Simply pop some tepid water into a spray bottle and give your plants a good spritz every now and again. It’s safe to say that any spray bottle will work for this.

However, here at TLB, our love of adding a stylish twist to all things green doesn’t stop at the plants. That’s why we just love our Zab Plant Mister, available in copper or antique gold, he perfectly complements our metallic dipped ceramics. Pop this gorgeous accessory among your houseplants; he’s too stylish to keep in the cupboard and having him out on display will help you remember to use him too – winning! And if you love a matching pair, yes we do have an oh so stylish watering can in our accessories range too, available in two sizes and a choice of copper or antique gold. A fab and functional way to accessorise your indoor jungle.

Keep a close eye on your indoor plants

Whilst misting is a very effective way to deliver a humidity hit to your plants, occasionally you might notice that your green beauties are in need of an extra humidity boost. At times like this, it’s worth keeping in mind some top tips for a longer-lasting solution for increasing humidity levels. One option is to place your plants in a pebble tray. To do this, place some pebbles in a tray and then add water, ensuring that the pebbles are not fully covered by the water. Remove your plants from their ceramics and place them onto the pebbles.

It’s really important to ensure that the water is not touching the plant as this may cause root rot. The evaporation of the water in the tray naturally increases the humidity levels around the plant. Alternatively, you can consider creating the humidity that your plants need by placing a humidifier near them. This is a good option if you are short on time and can’t commit to misting regularly or making pebble trays.

As you lovely plant people know, getting the humidity levels right is only one part of plant care. Temperatures are starting to rise (somewhat slowly!) as we head into spring and your plants will be starting to wake up from their dormant phase. This is a great time to give them a little boost with some plant food. These fab Plantsmith products; Fortifying Houseplant Tonic and Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist, will ensure that your plants wake up happy and raring to grow!

The Little Plant Book for Parents

And sometimes we all need a quick reminder of top tips for looking after our botanical buddies, get your hands on The Little Book for Plant Parents, a super handy little reference book jam-packed with fab plant care tips.

Feeling more confident about Houseplants and Humidity?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips for increasing the humidity levels for your plants and you’re now feeling confident that you don’t have to turn your home into a rainforest to keep your humidity-loving tropical beauties happy and healthy. As always, if you still have questions about houseplants and humidity or anything else to do with your green beauties, do get in touch at [email protected], we love hearing from our fab plant tribe. Until next time plant lovers.

Lots of love

Team TLB xx

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