Thank you gifts

Find the perfect thank-you gifts & even put a special message on it with our personalisation service. With many of our plants grown in our own British nurseries, we offer a huge range to choose from.

  • Plant-lovers Gang

    Plant-lovers Gang

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  • Green Monstera Plant Gang

    Green Monstera Plant Gang

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  • Haworthia


    From £7.50
    Personalise MePersonalise Me
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  • Ficus Benjamina

    Ficus Benjamina

    From £12.00
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  • Fittonia


    From £12.99
    Personalise MePersonalise Me
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  • Dracaena Tornado

    Dracaena Tornado

    From £18.50
    Grown by usGrown by us
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  • Orchid


    From £24.50
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  • Orchid Duo

    Orchid Duo

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More about our thank you gift range

One of the main features of our houseplants is that they all come in their own curated pot that fits perfectly. This means you don’t have to worry about whether a plant will fit in a ‘suggested’ pot. What is more, our pots haven’t been bought in, but instead have been designed by our TLB team. They’re made in a factory in Portugal, so they are the perfect match for our plants, many of which are even grown in our own plant nurseries in Chichester.

Whether you are saying thank you to a teacher after a tough term or you want to show some appreciation to a friend, we can help you out.