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Discover the wonders of our easy-care plants! These green companions are more than just décor; they’re natural superheroes for your workspace. And for those of you with busy lives, we’ve selected the super easy-care, low maintenance plants that don’t need too much attention. Houseplants have a remarkable ability to filter out pollution and toxins, creating a refreshing oasis of clean air, in your home or office. With this selection of low maintenance and high impact plants, you’ll effortlessly enhance your indoor environment, with freshness and vitality. Say goodbye to stuffy offices and hello to a healthier, happier workplace with our selection of easy-care plants.

  • Philodendron Plant Gang

    Philodendron Plant Gang

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  • Schefflera Arboricola Green (braided stem)

    Schefflera Arboricola Green (braided stem)

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  • Pothos & Zamio Marble Planters

    Pothos & Zamio Marble Planters

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Asplenium Parvati Fern (Mother Fern)

More about easy care plants

Here at TLB HQ we are very often asked which plants are the easiest to look after, so to we’ve curated a range of easy-care, low-maintenance, practically unkillable houseplants for you to choose from.

Whether you’re starting out on your houseplant journey and want a plant that will look good without too much assistance or you’ve had your head turned in the past by a trendy but tricky specimen and now you’d like to play it a little safer with an easier plant to look after. We hear you and are here to help guide you through your plant journey.

To find out more about our Top 12 Unkillable Houseplants, take a read of our blog. Your Guide to Unkillable Houseplants | The Little Botanical.