Medium Cactus


If you are a newbie to plants and you’re looking for a low maintenance option, then these arid loving cacti are the perfect choice. Available in a range of our stylish metallic dipped pots, this houseplant will add some serious style to your home.



This mix of medium Cacti originates from Mexico, is super easy to care for and bang on-trend. Just don’t over water him, he prefers arid conditions, preferably a sunny, dry spot. If you are looking for a plant to update your desk or add some style to your window sill, then this is the plant for you.

Cacti don’t need much care at all, just pop them in a sunny spot and enjoy. And don’t get too close to the spikes as they can hurt.

Additional information


Low maintenance

Suitable for

Bathroom, Bedroom, Desk/Study, Hallway, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space

Estimated Plant Height (CM)

Small – Medium plants (12cm -25cm)

Internal Pot Diameter (CM)


Pot Height (CM)



Black and gold pot, Ceramic, Green and gold pot, Pink and copper pot



Plant Care

Water lightly every 3-4 weeks and make sure the excess water drains. Our top tip; once it’s watered, tip the pot upside down in the sink to let the water drain off. Likes a dry sunny spot in your home or office. 

Yes, they spikey, be careful not to get pricked! Small Cactus burrs can become loose in transit, so take extra care when unpacking this plant. We recommend using thick gloves or folded up paper if you need to handle the plants. If your skin does come in to contact with the burrs, wash with mild soap and water immediately. Any visible spines can be removed with tweezers and sellotape.

Please note; the shape and size of the Cactus may vary.


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Perfect for your “plant-killer” friend! We all have one..!